Outdoor Cam: No Record Events Only to SD card?

I can’t Record Events Only to my own SD card on the “NEW” Outdoor cam but I can do a Scheduled Recording for 30 days/24 hours a day? Was this feature left out intentionally to force us to the Cam Plus Service if we want more than a 12 second clip? If it was, very slick! I’ll be done with WYZE and they’ll never get another dime off of me! Just like the slick move with Person Detection! I have 8 WYZE cams and all can Record Events to SD cards except the Outdoor cam. Am I wrong or will this be added/taken away at a later date?

They started off good by luring everyone in with a cheap product and free PD. Strated gaining momentum and all of the sudden PD was taken away (still don’t have it) and we now have to pay for PD. Lol, if you read through out the forum most people are like it’s still cheaper than Blah blah blah, that’s not the point, when I bought my Cam V2 it worked perfectly then the update came where PD was taken off and it all went downhill from there.

Cam Plus does not appear available on the Outdoor Cam.

You are correct about the CamPlus, it is currently not available on the outdoor cam. They are looking into it though.

In another thread WyzeLi implied they are working on exactly this. There is another thread with this same request too. They should be combined.