Wyze Cam Recording to MicroSD?

I’ll start by saying that I have never had issues with my Wyze Cam or contacting customer service to ask about a product but to not have an email or chat feature that actually works properly is a bit behind the times. To have to come to a forum to ask a question is a bit frustrating .

Maybe I misunderstood but I was under the impression that If you had MicroSD cards installed in your cameras that you would still be able to take part in Event Recording and would not need Cam Plus cloud service? Am I wrong? just trying to figure out why I have microSD cards installed yet I can only record an image.


Cloud recording and SD recording are separate. You can configure the SD card on the V3, V2 and Pan Cams to record either continuously or on motion. If you don’t subscribe to CamPlus/Lite/Pro you will only see thumbnails in the events tab of the app. With CamPlus lite you can subscribe without any monthly contribution and see 12 second video clips. With CamPlus and Pro you should see video clips of more or less unlimited length. Either way, you still get recording to the SD card.


The events tab shows the cloud recordings. That tab has never shown the Sd recordings.

To view SD recordings you must either go to the live view of the camera and click view playback, or go to the cloud event on the events tab and click view playback there.


Thank you for the replies. I was under the impression that recordings go onto MicroSD cards if they are present. I ended up signing up to Cam Light as suggested and naming my price. I did not say $0 though. I am willing to pay a little BUT that was one of the advantages of buying the Wyze hardware (no subscription costs)

They will only record to the SD cards if you turn on that function under the camera’s advanced settings. Otherwise, nothing is recorded to the card.