Wyze 2.0 no longer saving VIDEO events?

My Wyze is not longer saving VIDEO events. It is now only saving PHOTO events. I have not changed anything so I am unsure why it is doing this. It is saving to the SD card. Any ideas?

Wyze has sent out numerous information about Cam Plus Lite. They even posted a video on youtube.

here is the link to the YouTube Video which explains how to get your 12 second video back:

Bottom line is you need to add a subscription to your account for CamPlus Lite and set the amount to something you are willing to pay, even $0.

Here is another link to the steps to add the subscription:


Being part of the unpaid PR emergency response team is getting tiring…


I have to say, I find it very disheartening to see a lack of participation by Wyze here. I know it’s user to user, but with this cluster they should be doing everything they can to get out ahead of things. Their absence is noticeable.


I appreciate the replies, but I am confused. I was always under the impression that I was recording all of my video footage to my SD card and the playback was from the SD card. Is this not the case then? I never asked nor wanted to sign up for cloud storage.

Yep, sorry, if you were using the “Events” tab in the app then those were always just the cloud stored videos. The SD recordings are seen in a timeline via View Playback.

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It doesn’t matter how many things wyze I sent out. The customers are not the ones that made the change and the customer should not have to dance around with hoops because the company decided they needed more money. The customers made a purchase and a decision based on the fact that these cameras could do what they could. The company change stuff so the company should be the ones that have to jump through hoops to make it right. If I wanted to pay a monthly fee I would have went with a company that offered more.

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As stated hundreds of times, there is NO monthly fee. You and you alone decide what you want to pay, including NOTHING!!!

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Not anymore. CamPlus Lite is min $2/month. If you chose custom amount and < $2, it would not work.

Edit: It does. I had a browser issue where the pop asking to confirm / ask again for a donation was not showing up.

That would be a huge change - could you possibly provide a screenshot of it denying you the $0 custom amount? Lots of us are still getting free services.

OK, I was wrong. It seems the pop up that wants to confirm and ask again for a > $2 amount was being blocked. I was able to get $0 subscription. Thanks

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