Bait and switch

This new subscription plan is a nightmare.
My $25 cameras were great for a few years. Then whoever decided they should spend a fortune changing things to make a few bucks has caused a nightmare.

It doesn’t work. Put it back to the way it was.


What,? Works fine for me and my 2 neighbors, no issues

I have 11 cameras with SD cards. I bought them to have the no cost short recordings as Wyze advertised. Now that there is a $1.99 per camera per month, will Wyze refund the purchase price for these 11 cameras?

If not, we should have a class action suit.


You can click custom amount and enter 0. You don’t have to pay for lite.

Also,your SD card recordings are unaffected by this change.


I don’t have that option. These are my options: ![image|281x499](upload://xjOdaxU7elXMcM47ZX8kg14XnU5.png)

I don’t see an image.

Here are screenshot I just took from the services page, in order.


Yup this is what got posted. Good screenshots by the way @towelkingdom - I see the double jump guilt wall is still in effect.

To all trying to get the free CamPlus Licenses from the Wyze App… It doesn’t work. Don’t try. That is why you see no option for $0

Use the website. But be warned… It isn’t much easier! Log into your account first. See my post below and follow the steps.

It may take a couple tries, but I was successful getting the free CPL thru the website several times. It is annoying, but that is all we have right now.

Do it over and over for the number of cams you have. You need one license for each cam. If you don’t see the plus sign in CPL, rinse and repeat until you do. It may take a bit to migrate from the account servers into the app. Do it some extra times to be sure you have extras. Do it quickly before it is taken offline!

You do not need to do it more then once. The licenses is a account level license. You add it once, then you can turn it on for as many camera as you want.

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@AaronR, thank you for that clarification. That would certainly make this CPL transition easier.

That may well be the intent on the Wyze side and may have been updated in recent changes to the website, However that was not my experience. After I did it once some days ago, it would only allow the addition of 1 cam to CPL and then the plus sign in the app disappeared. It would only reappear each time I went back to the website and added yet another license.

I certainly hope people are successful just doing it once. Much less frustrating. But, if it doesn’t… Try, try again.