My cameras only show still photos

My cameras only show still photos, no videos?

Anyone knows how a security camera not show video?

I’m going to shop for a new video solution!

Blink? What do other former Wyze customers switch to because this [Mod Edit] is the end. I have purchase 30 camera that do not work now…. Do not make the same mistake by buy any thing from this company…

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Review this to fix your problem:


Wyze sent out several emails and there were in app notifications about the change to the cloud events tab. You just need to sign up for cam plus lite, there is an option for free (name your price).

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Yes we are NOW forced into a subscription to get video clips recorded to the card we bought and installed into the camera. A bunch of snap shots dont do me any good, yes i know i could spend hours checking everyone of those pictures on the playback review…to see what actually happen…who has the time for that? Easier to just buy the subscription they have been cramming down our throat…except if this is the way they do business, i fully expect them to raise the subsciption prices…without warning…I am done with Wyze and their questional business practices.

Yes, to get back to 12 second video clips you need a CamPlus lite subscription. However, you can subscribe at $0 for no cost to get them back.


No. You are not being forced into a subscription for SD recordings. And there is a free option for the lite subscription. You don’t have to buy anything. Just subscribe for free.

The only thing the subscription covers are cloud recordings.

The event tab does not and has never shown your SD recordings. SD recordings are accessed via the live view of the camera by clicking view playback. Or by clicking view playback on the cloud recording from the event tab.


Is there some tipping point where even Wyze admits this is ridiculous, that it is using up the resources of its employees and its volunteers trying to explain, and they finally add a simple toggle for those interested to get Lite for $0 without hassle, obfuscation, guilt, upselling, or further confusion?


…brings employee resources to the forum to deal with the fallout?

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Hmm, they’re inching a little closer it seems. (Screenshot shows they added a tip to the app.)

I cant add my ny V3 camera to the the pluslite account. I waited the 14 days and I have 7 cameras

How do I get it on my camplulite it wont go on it?