Cam-v3 Motion events only recording still photo no 12 sec clip

Upstaged to Wyze cam-v3 and they are only recording still photos, not the 12 sec video??

Do you have any form of CamPlus on this camera? If no, that’s why.

Never have. Why would I need to subscribe now?

Reason: Wyze issues an upgrade every few days that results in a downgrade of the camera’s features. This is an incentive to get you subscribe to their additional services. The latest I am seeing is a blank screen on motion alerts, not even a still shot. Soon we might be paying extra for live video. This has been nothing but a bait and switch. I paid for cameras with advertised features and now they want me to pay extra for those advertised features.
Just don’t accept any of their upgrades. ( which are actually downgrades). But then you have to put up with their constant harassment to upgrade/downgrade


There is a free subscription to CamPlus Lite, You pick $0 and Bob’s your uncle.

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[Mod Edit] Can you back your claims with facts?

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This is infuriating. I agree bait and switch. I have had them for years and just upgraded all my cameras not I don’t get even a 12 sec video

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I already have Cam lite, still no video on the new cameras

Than you must be doing something wrong. I have five cameras on CamLite and all five give me 12sec videos in the cloud with 5 min cool down. Oh, I almost forgot, and continuous recording on uSD card.

Ya I’m sure it’s my fault.

I did too until I updated the cameras.

Enlighten me on what I am doing wrong

How about getting in touch with customer support? looks like you have an account issue and no one here can help you out with.

Lets try another approach. Go into your Account on your App, not on the web site and select Services. Hit the tab on the top that says Cam Plus Lite. You should see all your cameras assigned to that subscription, just like I have mine below:

If you don’t see your camera then click on the + with Add Cameras.

I might be wrong but maybe when you had Cam Plus (if you had it) and cancelled you failed to move your camera(s) to Cam Plus Lite.

Hope this helps!


@Jwooky1, you mentioned that you upgraded to V3 cams. Did you install new cams or update the firmware on your V3 cams?

CamPlus Lite should work on these cams so long as the license has been assigned to the cams. If you upgraded the firmware, you may need to do a cache clear and app refresh along with a cam power cycle.

I’m not rebutting what you are saying, but when I downgraded my cameras from Cam Plus to Lite, I didn’t have to do any of these. Is this a known issue?

No, I don’t think it is necessary. I move cams off of CP over to CPL and back all the time to test Beta Firmware compatibility and don’t have to do that.

But, I don’t think this is what the OP did. Indicated in a reply above that there has never been a CP license but does show a CPL License.

I am just trying to pinpoint what kind of update\upgrade. Wasn’t clear from OP’s original post.

I see.

But then, how was he able to view 12 sec clips without license?

Let see what he says, I’m really curious as I want to learn as much as I can about this s@#t :rofl:

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Not sure if it was an upgrade from older cams to V3 or update to V3 Firmware.

I upgraded/replaced 2 of my 5 cams from the V2 to V3

Those 2 will not record the 12s motion event. I did update the firmware at the initial setup

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This was a good tip and far from obvious. Every time I tried to edit the plan on the individual camera it would direct me to the website.

I did as you suggested and the new cams were not listed.

I added and that resolved the issue.

Thank you very much, good thinking.


My pleasure. Unfortunately that how Wyze works. The web site is only good for getting a subscription either Plus or Lite. The app is where you assign the subscription. Hope this helps others with similar issues.

Long live and prosper (in Leonard Nimoy’s voice) :slight_smile: