Event recordings now require cam plus?

since when do we have to pay for cam plus to view events? ive been a wyze user for 3 years and now all of the sudden i cant view events without cam plus, now worried what else they will end without getting cam plus

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What camera model are you talking about?

Most camera models allow you to still get events for free, sign up for Cam Plus Lite and select the FREE option. Everything will continue to work the same as it always has, with the added benefit that you can now also have free person detection IF you want it and choose to turn it on (you don’t have to):

The V3 Pro doesn’t support Cam Plus Lite, but it’s not really needed. It does person detection locally on the camera, and you can link to view all the events directly on the SD card.


I have v3. Agent from chat said change started in 2022. Even though this started yesterday. However i don’t think she was understanding me.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @rosalie :raising_hand_man:

It is odd that you were getting any videos in the Events Tab without CamPlus. That change occured back in March 2022:

Cams without subscriptions:

  • Thumbnail Snapshot upload only
  • 5 Minute Cooldown between uploads
  • Motion Detection only, no AI

Cams with CamPlus Lite:

  • 12s Video upload
  • 5 minute Cooldown between uploads
  • Motion detection and Person Detection

Cams with CamPlus:

  • Full length Video Uploads
  • Back to Back video, no Cooldown
  • Motion detection and full AI detection

Here is a topic that covered the change back in March:


I’m in the same boat. This change is a complete scam. Just another way for Wyze to keep making money off you.
I bought the camera, I bought the SD card, why should I have to buy a subscription just to view my recorded event videos? Total scam and borderline theft. Making me pay to watch my own videos? Stored on my SD card? Yeah, not a good move Wyze. They’re going to lose a ton of customers due to this change.
Also, the free Cam Lite version is not even an option on my Pan v3 model.
Only option is to pay.
I’ve requested a full refund because this is a scam.

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Cam Plus Lite for free doesn’t exist on the Pan v3 model. Why should I have to pay a monthly fee just to view the recorded event videos on the SD card and camera I’ve already purchased? That’s called theft. And a major scam. Wyze company is the worst in the game and they keep making their reputation worse than it already was. Yikes.

It’s February 2024 and this change just now occurred for me. I’ve never had to pay for Cam Plus, in the 2+ years I’ve used Wyze cameras. Now all of the sudden it wants me to pay? To view the recorded event videos that are on the camera and SD card that I’ve already purchased? That is theft. It’s my property. I’ve already paid for it. I should not have to pay every month to use it.
This company is a joke.
I’ve asked for a full refund and I’ll be posting a very honest review on my social media with 5+ million followers.
Wyze company is a scam.

Events recorded on the SD card have nothing to do with events on the events page which are cloud recordings, (Cam Plus/Cam Plus Lite Videos)
I believe your cam has a user interface like this one ?
Set the cam to record continuous to the SD then go back in a while and tap the SD card Icon to view the playback.


You don’t have to pay a monthly fee for that. It’s free. If you weren’t already returning the devices, I’d say someone could just walk you through how to do it all for free, but for the sake of anyone else reading through the thread, Wyze absolutely does not require you to pay a subscription to view your events that are recorded to the microSD card. You can get motion detection and notifications for free and then go view the events on the microSD totally free. You can also view the cameras live for free. You can also record video from the MicroSD to your phone for free. There’s a lot you can do without any subscription. No subscription required for any of that.

I mean, anyone can post any reviews they want about anything, but there will be a lot of followers who will know that Wyze cameras work without a subscription. Most of my family uses them without a subscription, and they review and save videos from the SD card all the time.

If you decide you’d like to keep them and learn how to use it with the SD card, there are plenty of people who would be willing to give a walkthrough.

Otherwise, no worries. Just know that it’s not accurate to say a subscription is needed to view events/recordings on the SD card.

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The recording to the SD card features have always been free and have actually been unchanged for YEARS. It has always been the same. Free to record to a SD card (ok, the SD card costs money), free to view the SD card footage and free to save it to your device if you wish. SD card recording and cloud recording functions have always been seperate and independent of eachother. You can have one. Both or neither at anytime.

Cloud offerings, licenses and subscriptions have changed over the years a few times, and what you see might just be ads for the cloud services and cloud saved events, but those have always been optional and have no effect on SD card recording functions of the cameras.

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This is not true for my camera. I have the Wyze Pan v3.
I am no longer able to view my recorded video events without paying for Cam Plus, which I refuse to do.
I have tried contacting customer support, I have filed complaints, I have done multiple things to address this issue, yet Wyze customer service lacks knowledge and proper procedure protocol.
Once again, I am unable to use my camera properly without paying for Cam Plus. It is a total and complete scam.

Can you explain how you got to the above statement? Can you lay out your problem or what and how you are experiencing it? I’d also say provide screenshots of what you’re seeing so that we can help determine what is going on and help you further.

Same. I was able to view a video clip for each event. On or around Feb. 9th that changed. Now I click on an event and it requires a subscription. The free option is deactivated. Sounds like a classic bait and switch.

I tried to test this just now, but it won’t let me move a cam back to Cam+ Lite. Another bug!

Not being able to switch a camera from a CP license to a CPLite license while you currently have it on Cam Plus is a bug they know about. It was reported recently and the employees said they were looking into it. I guess they didn’t see any reason someone would want to use the lesser product of CPLite if they already had and paid for Cam Plus for that camera currently. Hopefully they resolve that soon.

I have regular v3 cameras on Cam Plus Lite and still get

  • 12s Video upload
  • 5 minute Cooldown between uploads
  • Motion detection and Person Detection
    My SD card playback works and has not changed for me.

You might log into the Wyze web site and go to My Account - My Subscriptions and see if Cam Plus Lite is still a Subscription on your account.

thank you!!! I have had 4x wyze cam v2’s over the years and today i got a pan cam v3, and to my horror the user interface made it look like i could no longer view event videos on my own sd card. it was not until i found this forum post that i realized the same functionality was put in a separate “SD card” tab - thank you so much for this post, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. its understandable that wyze needs to make money, and selling hardware is a race to the bottom in terms of price, so subscription models are the only good revenue stream. i get it! but i also love that wyze keeps a little easter egg back door so we can keep using our devices off-cloud. I also get that 90% of people are probably fine with the subscription cloud service, so why not? but thanks for keeping an eye out for the 10%. i really mean it.

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This is probably another case of the dreaded “No SD card” V3 (as well as pan V3) bug.

Another way for wyze to scam it’s users, now I can’t even view my recorded video, this is theft, First time all my motion and door sensors stoped working because they had them all killed with an “update” if battery wasn’t changed early, now this crap. I’m throwing away all of your trash devices like I did with the sensors, nasty company.

Yea they are trying to force people to their worthless CamPlus subscription. It use to be if you installed an SD card you could watch as much it would hold. Hopefully somebody will sue them over this. Sad they are destroying what a good company this used to be and it gets worse everyday as their greed is squeezing their loyal customers as much as they can. It was nice when it worked that way now we just use them for viewing since our SD cards are now worthless.