Cam plus why?

So my cameras won’t record events anymore even though I have a SD card and now I am being forced to purchased Cam Plus? Why

Welcome back! Local storage (SD card) recording is unaffected by these cloud changes and should still operate the same as it always has depending on the camera model.

If you do not wish to pay for the cam Plus service, which is complete motion capture and AI analysis of the clip there’s a possibility of subscribing to Cam Plus Lite. Campus light is a pay what you want service, including paying zero if that is your wish. This service will allow you to have the same 12 second event clips saved to the cloud but it also adds person detection on the clips as well. Refer to the support articles for more camplus lite information.


The SD card recordings are viewed by clicking View Playback button on the live view of the camera or by clicking view playback while reviewing the cloud recordings or thumbnails from the event tab. The events tab does not show you your SD card recordings, those are/have always been the cloud recordings/thumbnails.