SD vs CamPlus

I’m a brand new user to Wyze (coming from Blink), and recently purchased the Camv3. The thing I hate about my Blink cameras is they only record 30 second clips (indoor) and then there is a gap before it starts a new recording.

I purchased a 128GB SD card when I got the Wyze camera and that has been working great.
Unfortunately, I learned that you have to pull the card to download video, which is a HUGE PITA. So I started looking at Cam Plus as I got a 14 day trial when I started.

First, with the SD card inserted there wasn’t an option to record to the cloud. So I removed the card to download a video, and left it out intentionally to test the cloud. It did work but didn’t record our entire test (about 23 seconds of a minute long test).

What am I doing wrong, and what is the best setup?

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Cloud “Event Recordings” (Events Tab) and SD Recordings (Playback) are not associated with each other and operate independently of each other.

Cloud Event Recordings are the CamPlus Videos and are controlled by the Event Recording Settings. Push Notifications are initiated only by Cloud Event Recordings.

SD Recordings are controlled by the SD Card Settings in Advanced Settings: Off or On w\ Continuous or Events only.

With CamPlus and the settings appropriately set, the cam will record full length cloud event videos (up to 5min), with no cooldown period, so long as there is motion happening. These are in the Events Tab. When the motion stops, the video ends. All videos will be different lengths based on your cam sensitivity settings, your detection zone, and the length of motion in the field of view. You can also select to be notified of these events in the Notifications settings. CamPlus also offers you Person, Pet, Vehicle, and Package AI detection and notifications rather than notifications for all motion events. These Event Videos will be saved on the Wyze server for 14 days.

SD Card recording requires NO subscription. When it is on, the cam is always recording to the SD. It records 1 minute MP4 videos to the SD Card. If it is in Continuous mode, it saves every 1 minute video file. If it is in Events Only mode, it only saves the 1 minute video files that contain motion.

Cloud Event Videos can be downloaded directly from the app. You can also choose to “Record” video clips to your device gallery while viewing live or viewing the SD Card Playback.

There is no way to download SD card video files without removing the card and placing it in a reader device. The only way to capture video from the SD Card while it is in the cam to save it is to “Record” it while playing the video. This is because you have to have a program to stitch the 1 minute files back together consecutively: the video player in the app.

Recording in full HD Continuous to the SD Card, you can expect about 14 days of uninterrupted video on that 128GB card.

Hope this helps!


Thanks so much for the explanation!

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