Wyze Cam 3 - Recording motion events to SD Card clarification

Hello, I just purchased a Wyze Cam 3 and wanted to record events to SD card. Is there a way to capture all motion events? I noticed that I only get notification for the first event in a series, and then there is a long time before I get notification again , even though motion is happening in the frame of the camera. I assume the first event is only being saved? I understand there is cooldown period of 5 minutes but it’s not clear if this applies only to the app notification or also when recording events to SD card.

Welcome to the forums! Looks like some things regarding local storage and cloud storage need to be cleared up. Here is something I wrote for a different thread that would help here.

To add even more to the above, only cloud storage options have app notifications. Local storage does not do any sort of notifications. And the free cloud storage option, which appears like you have with the cooldown, is a 12 sec clip followed by a 5 min cool down.


Yes you need cam +

@Omgitstony ok thanks very much for that explanation.

So just to be clear, when recording to SD card and it is set to ‘event recording’ and not continuous, It will always capture the event up to 1 minute clips continuously with no cooldown between clips (assuming there is a motion event that lasts longer than 1 minute).

If I have notification on, then it will alert me only to the first clip that occurred in the sequence of recorded clips on the SD card - is this right?

In which case @kae4560 is mistaken that I need cam + to do that.

No,you should leave it on continues all the time,if there’s movement it will record,go try it and you will see

For local storage, as long as there is motion that falls into the minute time frame, that minute and any minute following will be saved to the card. There is no cool down with local storage. Like now, if my camera catches motion from the timestamp of 11:19:15 to 11:19:30, then the time frame from 11:19:00 to 11:19:59 will be saved to the sd card in the camera. If there is motion from the timestamp of 11:19:15 to 11:25:30, then the time frame from 11:19:00 to 11:25:59 will be saved to the card. I’d you have the local storage set to continuous it will record to the card 24/7. Free cloud storage will capture the 12 seconds following the moment of detection to the cloud (even in motion continues, the clip will stop at 12), then send you an app notification in enabled. Then a cooldown of 5 min starts. Camplus captures the duration of motion, from the moment of motion until the motion stops then uploads it to the cloud and sends you an app notification if enabled.

Only cloud storage sends you notifications. So the free 12 sec clips or camplus if you have that service. Local storage does not send notifications

I have most my cams set to continuous, then have cloud storage (some free, some camplus) enabled on some that I want notifications from, partially as a backup to the sd card, buy also for the notification side of things. I think I have one where local storage set to event only, but that’s my cat food dish I believe where I don’t need days of stagnant footage of cat crunchies. :cat:


Now with CamPlus Unlimited all of my cameras on on the CamPlus service, occasionally CamPlus fails to load an event so having the SD is a backup when that happens.

Well we have 6 sites with 6 cams per site and all work just fine,it’s on your end

Also re boot your cameras

Thought there was Comcast at your place