Confused on notifications and recording

So I have an SD card in my cam and it’s set to always record under Advanced Settings >> Local Storage. But then there is a menu option for Event Recording to set All Day or a time interval and states to Record an Event When Camera detects motion or sound (if selected). Does this override the Local Storage settings when a time is selected or does this pertain to motion…

So confusing and not well explained or thought out. Not sure if this got confusing when the Notifications >> Person option showed up!

It helps me to think of local vs. cloud recording. Starting with local recording. If you choose local event based recording then your camera will record to the SD card when it detects either motion or sound. These local recordings are typically 1 or more minutes long and occur whenever a motion or sound is detected.

Or you can choose continuous recording. In that case the camera records 24/7 to the SD card. These recordings either the local event or the local continuous recordings can be viewed within the app by selecting View Playback from the Live View screen of any camera equipped with an SD card. They will remain on the SD card until the card fills up and they are overwritten.

Cloud based recordings are event based, meaning they only happen when an detected event (Person/Motion/Sound) is detected. Then a 12 second long clip is uploaded to Wyze’s cloud storage. Following a recorded event clip the camera enters a 5 minute cool down period during which no further clips of the same type are recorded.

The cloud based clips are accessed via the Events tab or button at the bottom of the screen. And yes you can do both with no ill effects. For the official documentation have a look below.

Thanks. It does sound like they should define better in the description “cloud” vs “local” to help differentiate them. I’ll review later to help define the difference.

But here is the part that still isn’t clear to me…

  1. II’m telling the system to record all events 24/7
  2. Then in the Event Recording I have it set to record ALL DAY and to DETECT motion.

Are you telling me in #2 that is CLOUD based?

Yes #2 is only cloud based, so 12 second videos followed by 5 minutes of no further recording. They are stored for 14 days.

Thx, that helps.
Now when we talk about the Notifications and the three options…

So it’s posible to NOT have notifications related to cloud based recording but have it still record the motion in the could for the 12 sec videos?

Yes you can do either or both. Confusing I know.

Yep…it should all be on the same setting page and like you suggested in use of the logic defined as cloud or local.

I think word choice and consistency especially for the UX is the biggest challenge for most developers. This decent product is not exception…now they just need to get that email notification system developed (and not confusing)!

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