Motion Recording Improvement

I understand your strategy to make a budget camera, and for that users can’t expect too much.
However, an annoying problem I wish you would fix soon:

  • On motion detection, I understand there are already many requests on changing the 12 seconds limit and I also know about continuous recording which is undesirable. Can’t you just fix the firmware with an “if” clause to allow the user to record longer if there’s a local Micro-SD (firmware should already detects that)? And you can assume if setting a custom recording time, the user won’t get the benefit of cloud storage?

  • I usually get 2 notifications for the same event each time with 5 minutes apart. I guess this is related to the 12-second clips detection every 5 minutes.

Welcome to the community, @deyo. I’m a little confused by what you’re asking for here. What do you mean by recording longer if there’s an SD card installed? Event notifications and cloud recordings are part of the same mechanism, and SD recordings are separate from them.

For the second bullet, are you saying you’re receiving dual notifications in the app for the same event every time? That seems very odd.

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I havethe same request as many others. Please allow the user to specify how long to record or until motion is stopped (especially on microSD).
I understand microSD is not required for using Wyze, but it allows more data to be recorded.
I’m aware of continuous recording, but why? It will kill my microSD sooner.
I’m not sure if you’re familiar with writing firmware or in support, but firmware can detect microSD and then use the if case to record on microSD longer than the cloud (i.e. allow user to set time). A bit more coding.

On the second bullet, I guess the reason I get 2 notifications almost every time is because the motion is longer than 5 minutes, and after the initial 12 second recording, then 5 minutes later, Wyze detect the motion again and record another 12 second and send notification.

For example, the camera is put in the garage. From the time the garage door is opened to the time I walked in the house usually takes 8 minutes. Would that trigger 2 event notifications (with the 12-second scheme you use)?

Please read those links the others listed. But here is the summary:

There are 2 recordings, online (Wyze calls these “Events”) and local/SD (Wyze calls these “View Playback”).

The 12-second limit only applies to online recording. Local/SD recording has no time limit. It will record as long as there’s motion and/or sound. Also SD recording can either be continuous, or event-only. Your choice.


I will add that there’s currently a new feature in testing, to be released fairly soon, called Complete Motion Capture. This will be a subscription service that will eliminate the 12 second limit and 5 minute cool down for cloud motion recording. Pricing has not yet been announced.

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I hope they offer a lifetime subscription. I despise monthly/annual subscriptions.

You’re right. I was mistaken thinking that events are recorded on the local microSD. Thanks for the clarification of 2 separate recordings: Events (cloud) and View Playback (local).

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