Motion Alerts While Recording To SD?

New to the community and Wyze cams. I searched for this topic but wasn’t clear on the answer. If I understand how the motion record works, when motion is detected it will record a 15 second video but then will wait 5 minutes before recording again even if it still senses motion. I’ve got an SD card in my camera but it’s set for motion recording. Is there a way I can receive motion alerts and record to my SD card at the same time, that way I can record longer than 15 second bursts? My neighbors place was broken into yesterday and my cameras didn’t catch the guys walking in front of my camera, probably because I had a vehicle drive by and they crossed in that 5 minute window. Also curious if anyone has gone away from using the cloud and found a way to tie the camera into their local network, say to a PC so footage is stored locally and visible from that computer only. That way I could remotely dial into that PC from my phone to view footage.


Thanks in advance guys. So far loving the Wyze cam, what an amazing product for the price.

Yes, you can have cloud alert clips and local SD card recording (continuous or motion event only) going at the same time. You can have one, the other or both. The local SD card event only recording has no 12/15 second limit or 5 minute timeout period. Every one minute video segment that has any motion will be retained on the card until the card is full.

Cloud recording is set up by tapping Alert Settings in the camera settings. Local SD card recording is set up under Advanced Settings > Local Storage.

Wyze is considering implementing RTSP support which would allow you to record to a local drive or computer. No word on when that might happen.

The only workaround I’m aware of for continuous local storage is to run the app TinyCam Pro on a dedicated Android device and set it up to stream to local storage.