SD Card, continuous recording, and notifications

I have 2 questions, both related to SD card use:

1.) When I use a SD card for continuous recording regardless of whether motion or sound is detected, does it still send me notifications when motion or sound is detected?

2.) When I use a SD card for continuous recording regardless of whether motion or sound is detected, does it still save the 12-second clips to cloud when motion or sound is detected?

Thank you!

  1. Yes, the camera will send you notifications IF you enable them on the Event Recording page and have Send push notification enabled, even if it is recording continuously to SDcard.

  2. Yes, the camera will send 12 seconds clips to the cloud IF either/both options (motion, sound) are enabled on the Event Recording page, even if it is recording continuously to SDcard.

The two functions (record locally to SD card and record/notify via the cloud) are independent of each other.

Note that after an event is detected (and a 12 second clip sent to the cloud), the camera takes a 5 minute timeout during which time any subsequent events will not be saved to cloud or notified. However, the SDcard will continue to capture all the action as it records continuously.

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Thank you very much for your response, kyphos!

If you know, what is the reason for the 5 minute timeout? Seems like a bad thing for someone who is not using an SD card when they can only see 12 seconds of what’s going on but not what’s happening in the ensuing 5 minutes. They may see a potential thief walk up to their car in the carport but then not be able to see the actual theft because it happened in this 5-minute window.

It’s all about the money. On-line storage costs real dollars, and when you pay $20 or so for a camera, you can’t expect unlimited storage.

It’s been reported that Wyze is working on a freemium pricing model. For free, you’ll get 12 second recordings with a 5-minute timeout. But subscribe to a paid tier, and you’ll get more storage, more often, longer retention, etc.


If I use a SD card for on-camera storage, would I be able to access the continuous feed with the Wyzecam app? Would I be able to “scrub” along a timeline to the exact time of the 12-sec event recording so I can see what happened after the 12 seconds?

If you mean the continuous feed on the SD card itself then yes. Right now you have to find the continuous feed manually on the card (using the Wyze app playback functionality) but a future app update will allow you to jump directly to the longer sequence on the SD card.

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Event Recording doesn’t have Send Notification…

Event Recordings do have Notification Settings.

Note that the post to which you replied was from nearly 4 years ago. The App UI has evolved and changed drastically since this topic was started and that reply was posted.

Currently, It does vary slightly from cam to cam and what subscription is assigned, if any, however the Device Notification toggles for Motion and AI Smart Detection Events will become available for users to turn Push Notifications on and off within the Notifications settings when the corresponding Event Recording selection has been turned on.

For example, the V3 on Cam Plus:

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To expand on what Slab stated, the SD card “events only” recording does not trigger notifications, its the cloud recorded events that trigger notifications.


I was having trouble with that…
Thank you

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