Recording options


I’m researching camera systems and I’m heavily considering Wyze Cams. I have a few questions before purchasing, though.

I was reading through other threads and found customers whom claim there is a 5-minute “cool down” after the camera detects motion and starts recording. I’m a little concerned that the 12-second clip won’t be enough to show the full “event,” and whatever damage to my property — the main reason I’m looking into a camera system — will continue while the unit is in this cool down period.

First, is there any way to change this “cool down” period so that it starts recording again sooner?

Second, if I opt to use a MicroSD card for local storage, does it force the camera into recording constantly, 24/7, or does it still operate on motion detection? Is there an option to record the 12-second clips and store them to the iCloud at the same time the camera is recording the full event/live stream to the SD card?

Thanks in advance for reading and replying!

There is no way the lengthen the 12 second clips or shorten the 5 minute timeout as those are requirements needed to provide the cloud storage for free.

However, if you have a microSD card in the camera, you can set it to record continuously which will hold about 3 days of video in HD mode on a 32GB card, or 5-7 days in SD mode. Or you can set it to record Events Only, which will record all motion without any time limits until the card is full. Most people find this is the way to go since there’s nothing worth viewing when there isn’t any motion.

The microSD local recording and the cloud clips are independent. You can have one or the other or both running at the same time.

Due to Jewish Orthodox religious requirements I am forced to turn off motion detection. Is there any way I can pay for a few days of cloud storage anyways or use a third party app for the Wyzecam?


There is not any option to pay for additional cloud storage. I’m not sure how a third party app would help, but the Android-only TinyCam Pro app will work with Wyze Cam and can be used to transfer video to local storage, but must be run continuously on a dedicated Android device. There are instructions posted here on the forum. Search for TinyCam.

If you have a microSD card installed in the camera, you can set it to record continuously prior to the holiday/Shabbas and then review that video after the holiday/Shabbas is over. Not sure if that answers your question.

I see I have 5-7 days using sd and a 32 gb card. That should be adequate if the camera is in a low enough position to get clear shots without hd.


The purpose of cloud storage is in case thieves steal the cameras as well when I am away. Motion detection and 14 days rolling cloud storage is great for that, but due to my unique requirements I need third-party options like camftp or similar.




Some other integrations are in the works, but no dates have been announced.

If you set the mSD card to record Event Only, you will of course get much more useful video to fit on the card, even in HD mode. Generally speaking, the video without motion that gets recorded isn’t really useful.