Alternatives to the 5 minute cool down?

Yea, I now feel like I wasted my money. I wanted a cam for security, and a cooldown totally defeats the purpose…NOT HAPPY

Currently, you can remove the cooldown issue with a $10.00 SD card.

Soon you’ll be able to store video in the cloud and completely remove the cooldown for a small monthly fee. Servers and cloud storage costs money.

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I have the SD card… and it still doesn’t record for a few minutes, no matter how many times I walk past it.

Are you familiar with where to find everything in the app? Your SD card recordings are listed under the “Playback” section. You won’t see your SD card recording under “Events,” and your motion/person notifications will still be subject to the 5-minute cooldown period. But if you have an SD card installed and set to record continuously or record on motion, you should have video of everything, whether you received notifications or not.

The “notifications” are not all that is doing a cooldown. The video is not recording “events” after the first 12 seconds. And have a lovely day!

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I wasn’t trying to be condescending at all. I asked if you’re familiar with the app, because the app sections are confusing, and it sounds like you may indeed be looking in the wrong place. “Events” ONLY refers to videos stored in the cloud. It does NOT refer to videos stored on your MicroSD card, so you won’t find those videos there. In the “Events” section, you will only find 12-second videos, and you won’t find more than one every 5 minutes. That’s how it’s designed.


When the Wyze Cam detects motion or sound, it starts recording a 12-second video that is stored on the AWS cloud via end-to-end encryption. Event Video can be viewed for up to 14 days through the Wyze app. After 14 days, Event Videos are deleted and cannot be recovered.

All Wyze Cam’s include the free 14-day cloud storage for 12-second Event Videos.

Note: Event videos have a 5-minute cooldown period for the 12-second videos. What this means is if there is constant motion detected, the camera will record a 12-second Event Video every 5 minutes and save that video to the cloud for 14 days.

The optional Complete Motion Capture service will remove the cooldown period and allow your Wyze Cam to record as long as there is motion detected. Learn more about this added feature by clicking here.

If you have a microSD card, you get even more options of how you would like to record and store Event Videos. Learn more about recording with a microSD card.

Viewing Event Videos

One way to view your Event Videos is to click on the Push Notification that was sent to your smartphone or device. Clicking the notification will open up the Wyze app and take you to the Event Video.

Another way is to tap the Events tab of the Wyze app to see a list of Event Videos.


You can then scroll through the list of Event Videos by all your Wyze Cam’s. To look at any of the videos, click the still image from that video. It will take you to a page to watch the video.

Filter by Device

Use the Filter to only show Event Videos from a single device by tapping the […] menu dropdown in the upper right corner.


Saving and Sharing Videos

You can also save, download, and delete individual Event Videos. To do this, tap on the Event Video you are interested in. On the bottom of that page, you will see Download, Share, and Delete.


Using a microSD card with your Wyze Cam gives you the ability to record continuous footage and recorded events directly to your local microSD card.

A microSD card is not required to use your Wyze Cam, you will still get free 14-day Event Recording, but with the microSD you will gain the following features:

  • Continuous recording
  • Files can be saved locally to the microSD card
  • Time Lapse videos


Use the Playback feature to view video footage stored on your microSD card.

To view the recorded footage, enter the Live Stream view for your camera and tap the View Playback button.

playback.PNG240x427 * Tap and drag the timeline to view recorded video from a specific point in time.

  • You can tap the date button to select a specific date in the calendar view.
  • The times where there is video footage available will be highlighted in color on the timeline.
  • You can pinch and zoom on the timeline to change the scale of the timeline to make it easier to select a specific point in time. This is particularly useful if you have 1-minute increments based on the Record events only setting.
  • You can use the < and > buttons to jump to the previous or next event in the timeline. This is helpful when the camera is set to Record events only.

Maybe you ought to check the website. It very clearly tells you that service hasn’t been launched.

Dude, seriously! Have you any experience with the stupid camera? And record the event that aren’t even occurring! It’s completely unreliable! It detects a person, if a tree loses a leaf! It’s the most unreliable ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen!
And I’ve had it since long before it had person detection.

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I was trying to help you, but that’s obviously an exercise in futility at this point, so have a nice day. I hope you manage to figure it out on your own.


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To everyone that tried to help troubleshoot here, thank you! And we look forward to having CMC available for everyone. :slight_smile:

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