Timing Between Event Recording

Because of the limited Detection zone height, my camera is picking up cars driving by as events. I’ve read elsewhere that there is an approximate 5 minute recalibration of sorts between events, so this is causing me to miss significant events, such as fed ex deliveries, people arriving home or person detection. Is there anyway to avoid this recalibration? My camera has limited placement options so I am unable to move it to reduce the detection zone further from the road. Thanks for your help all!!

The 5 minutes between recorded events is a “cooldown” period designed to reduce the amount of cloud storage used.

You can buy the Complete Motion Capture subscription option to do away with that cooldown period entirely. Or you could add an SD card and record to that. Other than the initial roughly $10 cost of the SD card there is no other charge.

As to the detection zone you can also tweak it in the app, not just via placement. This link should help.

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I am using the SD card. My event notifications are still giving me the 12 second snippets. I then have to go into the playback to view the time around each event to see what was missed. It’s not very convenient and I am unaware if I missed something unless I view each event. Do I have my address settings correct or is there a different way I could set it?

The event notifications apply to the clips that show up on the events tab in the app. They have nothing to do with the SD card events. Everything in the event tab is stored in the cloud storage.

Your SD card video is accessed by pressing the View Playback button from the cameras live view. I know it’s confusing.

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I think the poster understands the playback feature… :wink: They might be confused about the 12-sec limit for cloud storage however…

I agree but they don’t seem to understand the event model. That’s why I posted that link it addressed both issues and how they relate and don’t relate.

I think I understand both. It’s just an inconvenience and really defeats the purpose of this camera for me since it is missing events triggers due to the five minute cool down period. Thank you for your help.

“My event notifications are still giving me the 12 second snippets” and “Do I have my address settings correct or is there a different way I could set it?”

This is why it appeared that you were unsure about how the 12-sec event videos work. There is no setting to “correct.” 12 seconds is all you get for event videos, unless you purchase the Continuous Motion Capture subscription.

I apologize for any confusion!! The real issue I have is the 5 minute cool down. I appreciate your help though. Thank you!

The only option for the 5-min cooldown would be to purchase a motion sensor from Wyze. This would shorten the time between videos to a 1-min cooldown. Still, not a perfect solution.

And I agree, sifting through the micro-SD card videos to find something is a real pain is the.$*@ because this feature hardly ever works properly. 90% of the time, I can’t get my cameras to connect reliably to this feature.

A CMC subscription gets rid of the 5-min cooldown. I have it on a few of my cameras and really like that I get clips over 12 seconds in length with little to no cooldown between them. Since it is month to month, maybe try the subscription and if its not for you cancel it.


There is a #wishlist item about making the SD videos easier to access etc. But I think it is going to be awhile. I would settle for remote access to the SD cards (also a wishlist item) as I have a routine for building and viewing daily videos but it requires periodically removing the SD cards.

Considering that remote access via PC wish list item was first posted in November 2018 - and I voted for it in April - I think “awhile” is a bit of an understatement.

But hey, look here… here’s a new shiny door lock… (as current products go unsupported or unfinished.- like the choppy terrible Pan cam panning??? Still is so terrible as to be unusable)… Ooh… shiny.

I don’t pretend to understand marketing decisions. I understand the theory mind you but I am not allowed on the marketing floors and they are not allowed on our floors. Not the best solution but it has kept us all out of prison so far. :grin::grin::grin:

I’m just a dumb electrical engineer, what do I know, but you’d think a company would want a finished product going out the door. Of course, my career has been spent in Automotive and Aviation, so finished products are sort of important. Consumer electronics, meh… Ship it.

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:blush: I sympathize and agree. Heck speaking of aviation even Boeing got bit by the ship it bug. Testing is very important but it’s easy to get complacent.