Wish list - re-trigger camera recording

I am hopeful that there is a way in the future to have a retrigger of the motion detections and vidoe recording. So that after say 5 seconds, new motion would trigger a detection and record video to review. Right now it seems that I get one 15 second video and then it never retriggers to record other events.

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Are we talking about events triggered by Wyze Sense motion sensor or by the camera itself?

Wyze Sense: There is not timeout period for the Wyze Sense motion sensor triggering of an event video. However, the sensor must clear first, which takes one minute. If you are getting a 2nd motion notification from the sensor but not the associated event video, the you will need to file a support request as this is not right.

Camera-triggered events: There is a five minute timeout after each camera-triggered event video. You will not get another for that trigger type (motion/sound/smoke/CO) until five minutes have elapsed.


Are there plans to adjust the retrigger time in the future? I feel 5 min is a pretty long. Especially from a security POV. Especially if you are relying on 1 camera and that 1 camera is needed for recording. Yes, you could use the SD card, but personally, the non adjustable retrigger time is a real killjoy.

I don’t see them changing that unless it becomes a pay option. Just my opinion but I do know the 5-minute cool down is to keep costs down.

Here’s the #roadmap topic to track:

The cloud recordings and storage of 12 seconds is not adequate ( almost useless)and the lengthy reset time makes
make the cloud storage more of a sales gimmick. I love the camera but please offer better cloud storage. I will gladly pay for that feature

Hello @archi924 and welcome to the community.

You may be happy to know they are currently testing what they call Complete Motion Capture (CMC), it will record the entire event and eliminate the cool down. They will be charging for it but my understanding is it will be 1.49 a month per cam.

Thanks for the info Jason. Can’t wait for CMC to be fully implemented.

Here’s the #roadmap topic related to CMC. As Jason says, it’s currently in beta testing and will be released in the near term. In the mean time, please continue any discussion over in this topic:

Paid Subscription For Cloud Storage

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