Can we increase the recording length for auto-detected events?

Title says it all.

Is it possible to increase the recording length for auto-detected events?

In my garage, the cam picks up the change in light when the door opens and starts recording, but it cuts off just as a person comes into view. I’d love to be able to change it to even 20 seconds.

Am I missing something? Is this just a limitation due to the amount of data that Wyze can store on AWS for auto-detected events?

Unfortunately no. All videos on the cloud are 12 seconds. Having said this if you have an SD card installed you can view the video from the app for the length of time you desire. The 12 second limit is a restriction Wyze set for the present time. There have been some requests to have a pay service to allow for longer recording times. This is in the wish list for consideration.

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This is in development, no official timeline for release yet:

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I get that. I would certainly be willing to consider paying for a longer recording time. I actually do have an SD card in both my cameras, but getting an event notification and being able to see a longer recording would be great.

Alternatively, if we had the option to specify our own external service (Dropbox, AWS S3, whatever), that would also be fantastic.