Wyze Cam cooldown period and Wyze Sense motion detection

What if I setup my Wyze cam to record when the motion detection is triggered on Wyze sense and the motion sensor detects motion couple of times during a five minute time window? Will it override the cooldown of 5 min. that Wyze cam has, and record 15 sec. clips everytime it is triggered?

Good question. You should experiment by forcing a Sensor to trigger multiple times when you know the camera is in cooldown mode. Let us know your results. BTW,
video clips are limited to 12 seconds duration.


Sensor triggered event video recordings and notifications are separate from the camera triggered motion/sound events. There is no 5 minute cooldown for those.

In other words, if the camera and sensor trigger on a single motion event at the same time, the camera will have a cooldown and won’t trigger and record another event to the cloud for 5 minutes. If the sensor triggers on another event in that five minute time period it will trigger the camera to record an event video regardless of whether that camera is in its cooldown period.

If you have a motion sensor configured with a camera, it is possible to turn off motion detection on that camera, and you will get event videos everytime the motion sensor triggers.