How to record ONLY when Motion Detection is triggered?

Hi, I do have 2 Wyzecam V2 Camera qnd it seems that they record full time… and then filled the SD card too fast…with 60 one minutes videos/caption for each hour, 24 hours a day.

-What I want: the camera to be in operation (open) 24 hours a day BUT only recording events when motion detection detect something. How do I setup my camera to do so ?



See Record events only

You can set your camera to only record events to the SD Card. I have attached a link that should help you.

I don’t think there’s anything in that link section about the SD card :slightly_smiling_face:

Note that there is a 5-minute “cooldown” period between the same type of event videos. This means that when there is continuous motion, the camera will only capture one 12-second event video every five minutes. However, there is no “cooldown” period between different types of event recordings. This means that if motion occurs and then sound immediately occurs afterwards, the camera will capture both events in two consecutive 12-second event videos. You can add a microSD card and set it to Record events only to record longer videos to your microSD card when motion is detected, without a cooldown period.

That quote is one from the link I sent.

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Yep, there it is by golly, not easy to find though

Simple answer is not always the best. The camera works like HDRock and rbruce advise, but then you may miss the START of the event. This is fine for recording snails and turtles. But things that move fast don’t always get captured. Then there is the 12 second rule as mentioned.
Many of us put up with Wyze’s lame video playback and use it as a compliment to the 12 second record in the cloud. Use the continuous record and you can always play it back for several days.

Good point and it happens quite often

That’s true that’s why I use continuous recording but if he does not want, well it’s his choice.