Events recording all the time?

Quick question. I set up a schedule for event recording just overnight, but wyzecam is recording events all day long? What is the schedule actually for?

The schedule for event recording is for alerts and 12-second clips going to the cloud.

When you say “but wyzecam is recording events all day long?” I assume you mean to the SD memory card. Yes, there is no schedule for local recordings to the SD card, although you can schedule camera on & off times (that would include recording to the SD card) in shortcuts.

No sd card in the camera. I have even turned off the event recording detection settings. Going to reboot camera and see if that helps.

Well, the camera’s event recording schedule should control alerts & clips to the cloud from the camera, but if you are still getting them outside the hours you have set then make sure no other devices (like a motion or contact sensor) are set to use that camera to record the events that they sense. Their request for coverage of an event would override the camera’s schedule. You can add a schedule to notifications from those devices using scheduled shortcuts.

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It was the motion sensor causing the event recordings. Unfortunately, just turning off notifications does not stop the events from recording. You need to turn off the sensor video recording setting.
This is not something that I see in the available options for shortcuts. Maybe Wyze can add that to the shortcut options.

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