Scheduling issue

Wyze cam outdoor w/CamPlus. I set a schedule for every day to turn on at 9PM and off at 7AM. Why is it triggering notification events at 9AM? I looked on the Wyze site and it said something about the “all day” setting which I cannot find on my app on the event settings.

Scheduled recordings are in addition to Event recording. In the Settings you control the standard event clips, notifications, etc. Under More you can schedule optional time periods if you have a SD Card in the WCO to capture too.

I’m not sure I understand this. If I only want events at night how do I set the recording schedule? 9pm to 7am or vice versa?

Events are always on if Detect Motion is on.

Maybe I’m not as savvy as I thought I was. If I turn off motion detection will it still detect during my scheduled hours? I really appreciate your help on this issue.

There are two independent ways to use your WCO. For continuous monitoring, you leave the Events on. These are the standard 12 second clips that are saved to the base station if there is a SD card in it. Those are also tied into Notifications.

If you choose, you can set up scheduled recordings. They can be concurrent. As far as I know, scheduled recordings do not provide Notifications. Your scheduled recording can be continuous or motion only. The file is on the cameras SD card. For continuous, you have to click the file to download it, then you can view it. Files from scheduled recordings are kept in the Album folder.

I too am having scheduling issues… for some reason wyze set up a schedule to shut off from 10 pm to 8 am and I got this camera for night recording. I have tried to delete their schedule and it’s wont delete. I get nothing from 10 pm until my neighbor leaves at 5 am I don’t live on a quiet street so this should be going off all night. Ideas?