Setting schedules

I am trying to configure my 3 cams to detect events without notification from 10pm until 530am during week nights. I also want them to not record events during the weekdays.
At a glance, it seems I should be able to allow notification and event recording on all my cameras and on my main Wyze screen and then write a schedule to not record and not notify me between the hours I want to be left alone but after two weeks of changing things, I’m losing faith that these cameras can be adjusted by the rules and schedules. Please help me understand how to get value from these cameras.
I have 1 Pan Cam and 2 V2 cams.
Each camera has person detection, motion detection and sound detection activated.
All cams have notification on as does the main screen.
I currently get all events and notifications every 5 mins.
I want to automate the cameras to be not recording events between 530am and 10pm.
I want the cameras to record events but not send notifications during the night.
In the future I would want more complex schedules but if I could get this simple setup I might understand how to do the rest correctly. My current configuration is to turn off motion detection during the daytime hours but I still get notifications.
I have a pretty strong understanding of electronics and software.
Any help would be appreciated.