Schedule in events

Can you put the schedule a time in the events recording on the wyze v3 camera like the v2 has


yes, that part of the app works the same.

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no it doesn’t you cant schedule a time you want to record the event clips under the event recording you can only do it under scheduling and animations therefor you keep getting notifications all day every movement I set my v2 at night from a start time to an end time the v3 doesn’t have that option


I currently have quite a few alpha beta and production versions of the Wyze app working across a few devices, I may have looked at the wrong one, I’ss try to check this out again when I get out of work. thank you for bringing this to my attention, it’s very possibly I looked at the wrong app or the wrong cam or any combination at this point. sorry for the confusion. I’ll try to get back to you on this one.

I am having this exact same issue and would strongly prefer the V2 method. While using the Schedules & Automations feature can turn motion detection on and off, it’s clunky and leaves sound detection out wholly.

See: WyzeCam V2/V3 Event Recording - Album on Imgur

As it stands, I can either have sound detection on 24/7 or not at all. This makes the feature virtually useless for my V3 cameras.

Are there any plans to improve this?


I agree with these other V3 cam users. The V2 Event Recordkng Schedule is more straight forward and easy to implement. I would like to see it the same setup on the V3 camera.

Any update on this issue Wyze? I bought a few Wyze v3 cameras to put in some high activity areas but without ability to schedule when I get notifications they are useless unless I want a ton of notifications during the day. I only care about those events at night