Issue with scheduling on wyze v3

So I’m having an issue with my schedule not working on 2 of my 7 cameras. I have the cam plus subscription and want to have only notifications plus event recording between the hours of midnight and 5 am, but for whatever reason I cannot activate event recording if my notifications are on with two of the 7…no matter what I do.

My rule consists of: (and this is made for each individual camera under rules)
Turn on motion detection
(turn off motion detection at end time)
Turn on notifications
(turn off notifications at end time)

I have my start time at 12am and my end time at 5 am. I have this set for 7 days a week.

Under “rules” When I have my schedules active - 2 of the 7 cameras have the event recording toggled on and device notifications toggled on and works exactly as the schedule should operate between the hours of [12am] and [5am]. After the schedule has ended… Event recording toggles off as well as notifications toggles off and I get no notifications as set in my actions until the following schedule time.

With the other 2 cameras in push notifications the R to device notifications when the schedule turns on at the same time as the other 5 (each camera has the exact same schedule but created individually) - these 2 have device notifications turn on, but the “motion events” is greyed out and cannot be toggled on and receive zero notifications unless I manually turn on the button in settings under “event recording”. If I choose to do it this way I will get continuous person detection no matter what time it is. The schedule gets overridden by the event recording on those 2 cameras and it’s continuous recording but with zero notifications.

The other 5 cameras has this happen automatically and I have to do nothing (which I assume is the point of the created rule) to have these turn on and off at certain times?

I have tried everything from deleting the cameras off my list. Resetting them… Making sure all firmware is current and up to date. I have deleted the rules on those 2 cameras. Is there something I missing here as why 5 of 7 are allowing motion events but two of them are not? Wyze support is absolutely useless

Have you looked at the ‘Rule History’ to see if the rule fails or not?


Yes. Some have been failing. But even after I delete the rule and re add them it does the same thing. But the failures are sporadic… Not all the time

![Screenshot_20231206-201208_Wyze|236x500](upload://lhjesure XXuclIyRqlav3kF2AGf.jpeg)
Not sure if you can see this or not

To simplify this, you can enable notifications in the cameras settings and only use the “turn on motion detection” as the action in the rule. I’d say having both turn on motion detection and turn on notifications together at the same time is redundant because motion detection also controls notifications. Without events, there are no notifications anyway. This is mute if say you want motion detection and events at a different time frame than you would want notifications, but since you have listed both together, I’d recommend only having the motion detection action.

That image did not work.

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Ok. I will try that and see how that works tonight.

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So 4 of the 7 failed last night. Three successful.

I changed everything to your suggestion last night and 4 of them failed

Can you try reposting a screenshot of the Rule?

I am wondering if it might work to approach the Rule from the opposite direction and test…

Disable the first rule so it is no longer active. We don’t want that to conflict.

Rather than using a Schedule Rule to Start at Midnight and turn ON Motion Detection, ending at 5AM and executing the opposite to turn OFF Motion Detection, create a new Schedule Rule that starts at 5AM and turns OFF Motion Detection on each specific cam. With your End time set to Midnight, the opposite ON command would then execute at Midnight, 19 hours later.

Make sure after you create the rule, before Midnight, that your Cam Notifications and your “Record Motion Events” toggles are all on. You want these on for the 5AM Start of the Rule.

At 5AM, the Rule should execute and turn OFF the Motion Detection thereby toggling OFF the Record Motion Events (which will also cease all Push Notifications). Tomorrow evening at Midnight, it should then turn them back on.

My issue is under the device notifications for my cam plus it has some of the motion detection active but some greyed out which I cannot turn on unless I go into and manually turn that option on but then I get all motion detection no matter what time of day regardless if the rule is on or off. Let me know if the picture loaded

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Here is another screenshot of the greyed out option of motion detection. I will try your option tonight and let you know tomorrow

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Yes. Screenshot uploaded. Before the Rule can be tested, we need to get those Motion Events Notification toggles to show up.

Do you have Event Recording set to All Motion Events or Smart Detection Events?

Make sure it is set to All Motion Events and then check the Notification settings again.

Can you post screenshots of your Event Recording and Smart Detection settings screens?

I have them set to smart detections as I only wanted to pick up people. Under push notifications it still has some greyed out and some not but all rules are identical to each of the 7 cameras.

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I understand that you only want Smart AI events saved to the server, but I am trying to troubleshoot when\why the Motion Events Notification Toggles are greying out.

When you change the Event Recording settings to All Motion Events, the only Notification Toggles that will be accessible are those that have been turned on in the Smart AI Event Recording settings.

Change the Event Recording to All Motion Events, open the Smart AI Event Recording and chack all that you can. Then go to the Notifications settings. Do the Motion Event toggles that you just previously enabled appear? Turn off all the Motion Event Notification toggles that you do not want to get, including Other Motion Events. Then, go back to the Smart AI Event Detection settings and turn off those you do not want. After this, then change back to Smart Detection Events.

Does the notification settings still grey out Motion Events?

Are the cams now uploading and notifying appropriately?

When I manually turn on “record motion events” then the toggle is on. But when I do it this way the rule becomes void and I get full notifications

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What Firmware is your V3 running? What App Version?

Are all the cams that are failing the rule running the same Firmware?

Did you run the process I outlined above?

I have changed the event re wording to all motion events
I then went into AI event recording and checked all the boxes
I went to notifications and all checks I made previously in the AI event section are checked and green.
I turned off all check boxes except person.
I went back to event recording and checked off all boxes except person
I switched back over to smart motion events again.

Frm there I go to account,
Then notifications
Then push notifications
I go into the camera I just did all of those changes to. And by God it worked!!! That sequence worked!!! I now have all of them all open and not greyed out!!! Thank you so much. I will check tonight to make sure they didn’t fail. If they fail again tonight I will change the rule to the opposite as you suggested earlier.

Also on your second reply I am running all utd firmware on all cameras and as well as the app.

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You’re welcome! There is a real glitchy bug in there somewhere that makes the App do this on random cams. I had run across it with one of my cams once or twice before and had to do the same toggle gymnastics to get it to work. Not sure why it does it though.

Hopefully, :crossed_fingers: this will help the rules execute.

I will definitely update tomorrow on if all of my camera rules were successful tonight. Thanks do much once again.

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Again 3 of the 7 failed