V3 missing the "Schedule" rule

I have 7 Cams…3 Outdoor, 1- V2 and 3- V3, Only the Cam V2 have the ability to make a “schedule” in the Event Recording tab.
I did make a “Rule” for all cams scheduling but none worked. What I am wanting to do is to NOT have ANY events recording from 8AM to 12AM. Then turn on from 12:01AM to 6AM. (While we are sleeping) I tried a RULE I tried toggling on and off “event” notifications, but none has worked. Otherwise, my Kitchen Cam triggers 100 events in a day which I do not want to constantly delete. Other option is to just turn off event recording. But I do want to record events while we are sleeping.

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You are correct. There are only select cams… the older ones, that have this menu option.

With the introduction of the Rules Engine feature gaining the ability to action the “Motion Detection” of a cam and schedule it, the cam specific menus for this scheduling became obsolete because they now have the potential to conflict with App Schedule Rules.

The action you will want to use in your Schedule Rule is “Motion Detection”. You would turn off Motion Detection between 8AM and 12AM. This will prevent uploading to the cloud and therefore also notifications during those hours. The rule will automatically turn them back on at 12AM.

However, if you wanted them to go back off at 6AM, as you also indicated, you would need to modify your start time.

Does this look correct? My question is also, do I have to enable event recording in general? Or does this rule turn off and on the event recordings? Right now

I have enabled event recording on all cams for now. I do not understand what goes on with this rule as far as what Wyze does to the event recording/notifications.

I only added “Actions” to my V3 cams. I want the 3 Wyze outdoor cams to run 24/7

I have no way to tell. All I can see is the schedule. Your screenshot includes no image of the actions which are the important part.

You will want to have your Event Recording settings set as you would like them prior to the rule running (All Motion vs only Smart Detections saved to the cloud, which Smart Detections, Sound Detections, etc.) You don’t need to have it initially enabled or disabled. If it is on, the rule will toggle it off at 7am. If it is off, it stays off at 7am. The opposite of the action in the schedule will then occur at the end time.

The “Motion Detection” Rule Action toggles this setting in the Event Recording:

When the “Record Motion Events” gets toggled off at 7am by the rule, the cam remains on, continues to record to the SD Card (either continuous or motion events depending on your SD settings in the Advanced Menu), but stops recording Event Videos to the Wyze server in the cloud. You will stop seeing new events added to the Events list. Because all notifications are triggered on the server by uploaded events, those will stop as well since there are no more uploads. At the end time of the Schedule Rule, in your case 12am, the Schedule Rule will automatically perform the opposite of the action, in this case turning the “Record Motion Events” back on, and you will again start to get uploaded Events added to the Events list and start receiving notifications again (if you have them enabled).

So long as you haven’t added an Action for “Notifications” to the Rule, Wyze doesn’t toggle those for the cam. Since there are no uploads because the Rule shut them off, there aren’t any notifications to be sent.

This is my rule. I am only doing the 4 -V3 cams. SInce the one V2 seems to have this rule built in. I have all 4 enabled as “Record Motion Events” (and sound) as well as “Notifications” “ON”. What I am not sure if since it is now 4pm if I should toggle all notifications as well as events “on” or “off” right now.

I am not sure how to understand the Top entry, “All Devices” with the rule "Turn off Notifications. And why is it showing “All” when I am only have a rule for 4 cameras not all 7 I have

If the start\end times for your Schedule Rule Actions you just posted in the second screenshot are the same as the start\end times in the first screenshot, 7am\12am, here is what will happen.

Since you created the Rule AFTER the start time (7am), it will NOT trigger until tomorrow morning and the opposite End actions will not trigger until midnight tomorrow. Don’t expect for the rule to accomplish the “End” time opposite actions since the “Start” time actions have yet to occur. It can’t end unless it starts and it isn’t scheduled to start until tomorrow morning.

If you want to start it today so it ends tonight at midnight, modify the start time to between now and midnight so it starts tonight and then ends at midnight. Then, before 7am tomorrow, modify and save the start time back to 7am.

However, your actions are not reflecting your stated intent. You stated that…

But during 7am and 12am, all those actions for the cams are turning ON Motion Detection event uploads. I thought you wanted them OFF during those hours.

If that is your stated intent, you can either change them all to OFF actions, or you can just modify your start time to 12am and end time to 7am. That way all the Motion Detection Uploads will turn ON at midnight and then turn back off at 7am.

You don’t need the All Devices Turn Off Notifications action. With the rest of the Turn On Motion Detection actions you will get a bunch of uploads between the start and end time but won’t be notified of any. I don’t think that is what you want. Also, you are correct. It will turn off notifications for all the other cams you don’t want included in this rule.

If you leave all your notifications on all the time (delete it from the rule) and a use a rule to toggle the Motion Detections, you will get notifications when Motion Detection is ON, and you won’t get notifications when Motion Detection is OFF.

My suggestion… delete the All Devices Turn Notifications Off action and change the start time to midnight and the end time to 7am. That way the trigger will start tonight at midnight, upload videos and notify you until 7am tomorrow, and then turn off Motion Detection uploads tomorrow at 7am when you will also stop getting notifications.

Note: you cannot get a notification if it doesn’t upload a video. Notifications come from the Server, not from the cam.

I think I got it??? Motion to be triggered with notifications starting 11:45PM ending at 6:30AM. So during the daytime I wont get inundated with us walking around the house with recorded notifications. If we go on vacation I suppose I can just disable it?

I really hate to do this to you…:disappointed: but no, it will not work.

What you have done is to create a Preset Device Trigger Rule. That is a rule that performs actions after it has been triggered by another device. This is NOT the kind of rule you want. That will require whatever device you have in the “Trigger” field to do something before the rule executes. And, the times at the bottom of this rule are “conditions”. The rule will only execute if the device trigger goes off during those times.

That rule needs deleted altogether IMO.

Create a Schedule Rule from scratch and don’t use one of the Wyze Preset Templates.

  • Click the :pencil2: pencil in the upper right, then Edit Rules
  • Click the :heavy_plus_sign: plus sign in the upper right
  • Select “Schedule”
  • Name it
  • Start Time 11:45pm, End 6:30am
  • Click the Plus beside Add Actions and use the exact same actions on the exact same cams… Turn On Motion Detection.
  • Save

Man how difficult can this be!!!

Lets try this…

I think you are getting to know the app much better each time! Rules can get very complicated if you haven’t programmed a bunch of them. Last count I had 76 Wyze Rules, 36 Alexa Routines, and 136 Automation Macros to control all my IoT gadgets.

Your Schedule Rule looks great!

EDIT: Did you really want the Garage Motion Detection OFF at night with all the rest on?

Let me know how it reacts. It should start uploading tonight and stop again tomorrow morning.

I see my error……I changed it to ”ON” instead of OFF

As a test, maybe is OK for now, I still get motion notices in our kitchen after I made the rules

Before the start time, since you just created the rule, if the cam already had the Motion Detection enabled, it would upload and notify. After the 11:45pm start time, you should get uploads and notifications since that is what the rule is enabling. The true test is if it uploads and notifies after 6:30am.

You said “Otherwise, my Kitchen Cam triggers 100 events in a day which I do not want to constantly delete.” Now that you have a rule to accomplish what you want, let me ask a question. Why do you constantly delete events? They drop off automatically after a couple of weeks. And since they are stored on the cloud, they don’t take up any of your camera storage. Just curious.

The issue is, I have to navigate/scroll down to look at events I am interested in. The tons of events I get from interior cams i dont care to store for any reason. By not recording/storing these, I can view events I care about more easily. Like driveway deliveries, front door events, etc. Other day I had to scroll thru 7 screens just to get to an Amazon delivery.

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If you have an abundance of Event Videos from your cams, and quickly want to isolate an Event Video from a single cam, it may help to use the Camera Quick Filter button in the upper right that will allow you to view only those Event videos that were uploaded from that single cam. If you have other filters set (appearing in blue), you may have to drag the Quick Filter bar to the left to reveal the button.

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It appears all is working as intended. I got 2 motion detections for the Garage cam, 12:15AM and 4:39AM. Something moved outside, So far, 10AM, no events are being seen.
Question…So if we go on vacation and I then DO want 24/7 events seen, I just temporarily “Disable” this rule?

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Glad to see it is working for you!

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In case you aren’t aware… lots of good info for your Cam v3 and the Wyze app on the Wyze Support site:

So it has been a few days, but maybe it still isn’t right or I am missing something. I no longer get notification pop-ups. However, when viewing events, they all are still recording events. The whole purpose here was to NOT record events during the daytime. It just clutters up my other outside motion events that are NOT on this rule. Cam in kitchen alone has over 2 dozen recorded events I do not want. (during daytime)

If you are getting motion events on those cams between the hours of 6:30am and 11:45pm, then something isn’t working properly or there is another rule with conflicting actions. What does it show in the rules history for when rules triggered and what actions were successful?

The only other possible issue, which I thought had been previously fixed, is that sometimes rules don’t like to start and end in two different calendar days. There is a way to get around that though.