Bring back 'schedule' under 'event recording' to the camv3!

Is it me, or does anybody else think/feel that WYZE totally blew it with the camV3 by removing the “schedule” feature from the “event recording” option?
I received a new V3 and just activated it today, and much to my dismay and complete disappointment, I find that I cannot simply go into “event recording”, hit “schedule” and choose what time I want to turn the event recordings on and off. Not only that, but when I try to add a RULE to turn event/motion detection recording on and/or off, it doesn’t work!
WYZE totally screwed the pooch on this! V3 appears to have a bunch of nice new features, but they totally cr@pped the bed with this removing the SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE “schedule” feature.
AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED THIS, or is my camera totally f’ed up?

Never Noticed that. I normally leave mine running 24x7 and use CamPlus to only be notified of person detection. However, you can create a Schedule Rule to Turn on or Off motion detection.

what a HUGE PITA compared to what camV2 has! Not to mention, like I said, that the schedule wasn’t working on my new camV3…

I agree that I would prefer to be able to use the schedule feature under the event recording option as well. It is much more reliable than creating the rules.


Why would anyone want to create schedules rather than setting the option under the event recording tab? That would mean a separate schedule for each camera under rules.

I just noticed this today while testing my new camera.

the schedule(s) ARE already under the event recording tab for the V2 cameras…all you have to do is turn it on or off…SIMPLE.
This new BS rules thing doesn’t work worth a d@mn, is set up like reverse Polish notation, and doesn’t allow you to simply turn off a “rule” if you want/need to temporarily change it. FOR INSTANCE: I have a rule set to detect motion and send notifications between 11 pm and 7 am. NOW, if I am leaving the house (currently working from home) today and want to get notified of an expected delivery today, I CAN’T SIMPLY TURN OFF THE RULE and have it default to ALL DAY DETECTION/NOTIFICATION…now I need to create a NEW RULE or RULES, and when I do so, I have to have them start sometime AFTER the current time b/c the system is too stupid to start instantly.
This “RULES/SCHEDULE” thing is a total joke. You would think that the smart thing to do (which is much like the V2 does), is to allow the user to simply “disable” a rule, and it would default to an ‘all day detection/notification’…but NOOOOOOO…that doesn’t work either! This new “change” is a total screw up if you ask me…

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I’m in total agreement…this is a step backwards and should be fixed immediately. I like consistency across the cameras and this change makes managing the cameras much more difficult.

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Thank you sir!
Please vote for this change…and tell all your friends to also :wink:

Voted when I first found the post.

Thank you sir!

Why hasn’t anyone from Wyze commented on this yet? Bring back the Event Recording like on the V2 cams.

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Proboly because this is primarily a user community forum. Wyze does have eyes in here every so often though checking up on things.

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