Wyze Cam Pan v3 No schedule option

On my two Wyze Cam Pan v3 I don’t see on option under event recording for a schedule. My V2 cameras have that option.

Pan V3

Does the pan V3 not have this option? I only want to recorded events between 11PM and 7 AM.

You can set the schedule in Rules now, even for the V2:

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That turns on the motion detection. I had that rule set up for only between 11PM and 6 AM and It still records events.

More info needed, I guess. Turning on Motion Detection allows event recording. With Motion Detection on the camera should have recorded motion events between 11 PM and 6 AM is that is the time you set it to. Outside those times it should not record events, as Motion Detection would be off.

Do you have a snapshot of your Pan V3 rule that malfunctioned, and a description of what went wrong?

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I just changed the rules…
Rule 1 Turn ON motion between 11 pm and 6 AM.
Rule 2 Turn OFF motion between 6:01am and 10:59PM.
I’ll let these run for a day or to and see what happens.

Okay, but you don’t need two rules if you put a start and stop time in the same rule, like I did. The action you select for that timeframe will start at the start time, and its inverse will start at the end time. So it will be motion detection on at the start, and motion detection off at the end.

Yours should work too, it just turns motion detection off twice. And turns it back on at 10:59 PM.

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