Cam Pan v3 how to set up smart detection schedule

Hello All, I have the Cam pan v3 with Cam Plus. I want to set up a time schedule to record events. The camera settings unlike some of my old cameras appear to not have this capability. I tried to set up a rule to turn on motion sensing at a certain time and it did not work. I then tried a rule to turn off motion sensing at a certain time and that did not work. I got I touch with Wyze help via chat, after being disconnected several times and then being unable to solve my issue I gave up. Do any of you know how with this camera and Cam plus how to make it record events only at certain times, such as only at night etc.? Thanks so much for the help!

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You will need to create a schedule rule. But, I have found that schedule rules do sometimes not like to run correctly if the Start time and the End time are in two separate days. For this reason, I try to create all my Schedule Rules so that the Start and End are in the same 24 hour calendar day. This means If I want them ON at night which spans two calendar days, I have to schedule the OFF time which is in the same calendar day.

This rule will upload events to the cloud between 8pm and 8am the next day. It turns OFF motion Detection at 8AM and turns it back ON at 8PM.

Just make sure that your Event Recording settings are set for the types of Motion Events and Smart Detection AI Events you want uploaded.