Cam v3 event recording schedule gone?

Did they get rid of the option to set a schedule for events to be recorded, or is that a bug in the app? My v2 cams are set to record events only when I’m not home and through the night. I don’t even have the option to set up a schedule with the v3. Kind of annoying as it goes off constantly with cars and people passing by the house all day.


I have the same question, Just got a v3 and can’t find a way to have motion detection on all day. Instructions given at the url below show options that apply only to my older cams. Under “Event Recording” I get only two toggles to turn on or off “Detects Motion” and “Detects Sound.” No option for scheduling of any kind. What’s different with V3?

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I just got mine and can verify that there is no way to set a recording time period. Evidently, Wyze just removed it and it’s just too bad for customers :frowning_man:

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Hopefully Wyze will implement this setting later. I am tired of getting motion detection recordings and having to delete them all day. I don’t know why Wyze removed this feature for this cam.


I wish they would have left that feature for v3, but you can add a schedule to mute notifications with a start and end time universally or for a specific device that provides similar functionality.

I just got this surprise too when I replaced a bunch of my v2’s with v3’s. One would think a higher version = improved, not a downgrade.


Looks like a bug, no reason that they want to force 24/7 detection to further stress their video and notification servers

I just looked in the wyze app. You can create a new rule, select schedule, then turn on or off motion detection for my v3’s. Is that what you were talking about?

No, those are the regular schedules that can be applied universally or to a specific device or devices. I referenced them above as an alternative to event recording schedules. Regular schedules are found in the settings menu under Schedules and Automations. Event recording schedules are available on v1 and v2 cameras and are found in the settings menu under Event Recording. These schedules let you choose a start and end time to record events when the camera either detects motion, sound, or both. Schedules created when you add a rule (or through the Schedules and Automations menu) have options like mute/unmute notifcations or turn on/off motion detections, so they sometimes can provide similar functionality.

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That’s a good walkaround for now, thanks! Though I still think it should be added back in per-camera settings right there for consistency (with v2 cameras) and discoverability.

Yes. I noticed the new rule feature. It allows you to turn on/off notifications and motion detection, but not sound detection. I have a Cam V3 pointing at my backyard. I want motion and sound detection at night, but off during the day. I keep notifications off at night too, I’m just playing around by tracking the wildlife every morning. But I just discovered the rule that triggers notifications to turn on when it detects a person. Not sure if it will turn on notifications and also send a notification, but I’ll test it.

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This is pretty strange. I have 7 Cam V3 and 2 Cam V2, only one of the V2 have the event recording schedule enabled. May be a firmware update removed from all versions but kept the schedules on the ones that have it set up.

Event Scheduling feature from v2’s is completely missing from v3 cams. That’s just something that needs to be brought back by Wyze developers. I’ve since opened a support ticket with Wyze and provided both a log and screenshot comparisons between Event Recording Scheduling in v2 cams vs. it not being there for v3 cams.

In respect to “Rules” functionality, after playing with the rules a bit more I’ve managed to have a rule setup that will turn motion detection off and on for a desired time-frame. Unfortunately, where using “Rules” as a Event Recording Scheduling means falls apart, when other detection options are enabled even if motion detection is disabled e.g. if sound detection is toggled ON, well there is no rule set that can be added to disabling/enabling sound.

And if you have Cam Plus or Person Detection enabled, well you can forget using rules all together. Both those services will override motion detection even though disabled rules are set and log an event as well as send you a notification.

So now, instead of having an Event Recording Schedule set to say from this time to this time I want motion, sound and person detection on. I can only have a rule for motion detection and have to forgo sound and Person Detection as an option. It’s that or I leave it all on and get a billion event triggers throughout the day as my family walks around the house

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I’m also experiencing no ‘event recording’ lately using motion detection on a V2 cam with Cam+ :frowning: 24hr recording and all other operations appear to be working as before.
I really hope that ‘event recording’ will still be available!!! I’d hate to have to randomly search through live feed to search for an ‘event’ An example would be that knowing there was an event sometime overnight, or when you were at work, and have to search through 8hs or more while you were sleeping or at work to find an event … :frowning: Is this a result of the latest upgrade, or is there something I’m missing ??
On the + Side … the Wyse live stream feed to my computer is amazing, I can’t wait to see how it will develop after getting a few of the ‘bugs’ out of it … :slight_smile:

If you set a schedule on the V2 it works for motion detections but sound detection records sound events 24 hours regards of the schedule

You have got to be kidding me.
Why can’t I schedule notifications?
It is always something with Wyze. I swore I was done with them but I just needed a temporary cam for my backyard.
The second I completed set up the motion notifications start raining down.
The options are : 1.Turn off notifications 2. Go kick rocks

What is the deal with you people?

Bring back notification scheduling for V3 NOW!

How does something so fundamental escape your developers?

I have been using V3’s for a very long time now. I don’t recall ever being able to set a recording schedule from within the cam settings. This must have been a legacy feature from the V1 and V2 removed a really long time ago.

You can schedule notifications on\off for your V3, or cam on\off, detection on\off for that matter. Create a Schedule Rule.

Perhaps it was removed because it was a redundancy and the rules allow for more actions to be scheduled under the same time rule.

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There still no fix after a year???

I don’t believe there is anything to be fixed. The Event Recording Schedule, according to the Wyze Knowledge Article linked below, is a feature only on the V1, V2, and Panv1 Cams. I just checked my PanV1 and it is still there with the most up to date firmware.

It is not a feature of the V3.