Event recording only on limited time which is not set

Please comment if you had such issue: several phone where changed since first Wyze cam use, some time ago I used IFTTT for some period of time. I also had rules set for some time in present phone, now I’ve deleted it all cams firmware is updated and Wyze app is updated before several day too. Event recording is on on all cams for All day: I have mixture of 2 Wyze Cam v2 and 2 Wyze cam V3. What is importan - v2 had Scheduler in event recording and it still there (I’ve used working hours for some period of time but then changed to “All day”).
So finally my question is WHY: with out Rules, with out filters set - with all day recording chosen (for v3 All day is like mandatory option to be corrected through rules) - WHY my event are recording only since 8 am till 6 pm ??? Thank you for any insight and suggestions.

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You are correct. The V3 does not have a schedule function within the Cam Settings. It is uploading events unless the Cam is turned off or Motion Detection is turned off which toggles the Event Recording off.

Make sure that there are no rules still active in your Rules list that might have that cam in the action block that uses the Turn Off, Turn On, Turn On Motion Detection, or Turn Off Motion Detection.

If you go to Account → Rules → History, you can see what rules executed for the day and what actions those rules took.

Thank you all checked - NO rules. And it looked fine for past 3 days - 24/7 recording and suddenly in Thursday 18:00 recording stopped for all cams - I’ve enter Option - and see it turned off - how can it be??? Where else to look ? No Rules history for past week

There have been mentions in other posts of “Ghost Rules”… Rules previously saved and disabled or deleted still running despite them being inactive. Though rare, I don’t think a cause or solution has been found. And, because it looks as though this is an intermittent anomoly, it is going to be that much harder to pinpoint the source.

If all rules are disabled\deleted and all IFTTT applets have been fully deleted (archived - not just disconnected), the Event Recording → Record Motion Events setting should not be toggling to off. You may also want to test if IFTTT is the cause by disconnecting the Wyze link there.

Several suggestions to insure that the cam and the app have fresh server data…

  1. Insure your Cam Firmware and App are up to date
  2. In every cam, toggle the Event Recording → Record Motion Events setting to Off
  3. Clear the app cache in Account → App Info
  4. Sign Out in Account
  5. Close the App
  6. Force Close the App in the OS App Info
  7. Power Cycle every cam leaving them unplugged for at least 30s. Allow time for them to reboot before signing back into your account.
  8. Restart the phone
  9. Open the app and sign in
  10. In every cam, toggle the Event Recording → Record Motion Events to On along with the All Motion Events selection.
  11. Repeat steps 3 thru 9 again
  12. Verify that all settings are still toggled on
  13. Test over time.