V3 missing the "Schedule" rule

Maybe because “on” is 11:45PM and Off is 6:30AM? Also, I cannot find a way to delete a conflicting schedule I have for my Shop V2 camera. This might be a conflict as well.

I also dont get the “history” showing “ON” at 12:01AM to 9:00AM? However, this history was prior to me redoing it. Todays history shows 06:30AM succeeded turning Off Motion. I may have to modify the “turn-on” to 12:01AM to keep it in the same day as you say?

The first image is how I have my V2 Shop cam noted. Which I cannot figure out how to delete as it might be a conflict with my new rule which includes the Shop. Or I delete the Shop rule and stay with what is in the Shop V2 rule

Here is last 24 hr History

In the Cam Event Recording settings, if you click on the schedule time (00:01am - 6:00am), it should bring up the Schedule Editing UI. At the top, it should have a toggle for “All Day” that will remove all time schedules and revert it back to All Day recording so that you can control it with Rules.

The first Rules History you posted is for a Rule named “12:01 am - 9:00 am, everyday”. This appears to be a conflicting rule to your second Rules History screenshot naming “Night Motion” as the rule. If both rules are performing actions on the same devices during the same times, there are going to be issues. In your Rules list (the list that populates when you enter “Edit Rules”), look for a rule named “12:01 am - 9:00 am, everyday”.

Once you can verify that you only have one rule, “Night Motion” running by looking at your Rules History, then you can troubleshoot if that single rule doesn’t work.

If the Rules History shows that it successfully shut off Motion Detection but you still get motion detection upload notifications, then I would suspect a bug in the app. Make sure your app is up to date.

If the Rules History shows that the Rule did not attempt to execute the start or the end, then you can modify the rule to keep the start and end in the same calendar day. To do this there is no need to change the times, just reverse everything. Start time will be at 6:30am and End at 11:45pm with the action command on all cams as “Turn Off Motion Detection”.

I successfully removed the Shop V2 rule. On my “Night Motion” rule I changed 11:45PM to 12:01AM, didn’t change the 6:30AM time. I will see tomorrow if stop getting motion events after 6:30AM.

I do see a Sept 18th rule, but that one I had deleted and remade the new Night Motion rule. However, On Sept 18th. I see 2 Rules. New Night Motion, and one not named said successfully turned off “All Devices” as well as the 5 cams. I am sure this Rule (12:01AM to 9:00AM was deleted

I already verified all 7 cams have the latest firmware.

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I wouldn’t worry about history on previous dates since you have deleted rules since then. The history for tomorrow will be important to review.

Looks like all is in order now. Only oddity is from 10:05AM to 12:48PM today I got an event notice of only “sound” in our garage. (Me going into garage) Which really is not part of the rule. My rule only shows “motion” not sound. Unless it is because in the specific cam (garage) settings has sound checked mark?

So to confirm, these 5 cams on my night motion rule should show in cam profile as “off” event recording until rule turns event recording back on after 12:01AM?

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Sound Events are not affected by the toggling of the Motion Detection that you are doing within the Rule you have created. And, Sound Events cannot be individually toggled within rules as there are no Actions choices for Sound Events. The only way to also stop Sound Events by a Rule is to use the “Turn Cam Off” Action which will also stop any microSD Card Recording.

The uploading of Sound Events is a toggle within the Event Recording menu of the Cam Settings.

Additionally, Sound Events are subject to their own 5m cooldown and are limited to 12s of uploaded video regardless of subscription.


I am BACK! with a question…So I disabled the event RULE because I was leaving town for a week. Slim change If I would got an event during the day (which I did not) But before I re-enabled the rule, I let it go for an evening. During this time we wandered around the house, I didn’t get ONE motion event in the 4 areas of the home. So I am not sure if this disable/enabling rule is working correctly. If it was and I had the rule still disabled I would have seen a ton of events from me moving around. Any thoughts?

The only way to verify the Rule is executing properly is to verify each step in the process individually before and after execution.

  1. In the current state, enter each cam and verify in the Event Recording that the Record Motion Events toggle is in the correct state (opposite your Schedule Rule Actions) and that the Notifications settings are on. Also verify in each cam that there is no Cam Recording Schedule Set (for cams that support the feature).

  2. Open the Rule and verify that all the Actions are correct and that all the cams you just checked are present and have the appropriate actions for the settings you just checked.

  3. Execute the Rule. For a Schedule Rule, you can either wait until the just after the scheduled time or change the start and end time to within a couple minutes of current to test it and give yourself 30 minutes or so to the end time so you can verify both in a short time.

  4. Open the Rules History and verify that the Rule Executed and that each Action is listed as successful.

  5. Open each cam and verify that the Event Recording, Record Motion Events toggle has been switched appropriately. Check the Notifications toggle if any Actions were used in the Rule.

  6. Wait for the end time Actions to execute the opposite commands.

  7. Repeat #4 and #5.

While the Event Recording, Record Motion Events and the Notifications are toggled on for the cams, it might also be a good idea to do a walk around to verify that the cams are uploading and notifying. If they aren’t, it isn’t the rule failing but the cam itself.

Most I think is set up correctly. However, the RULE settings might be wrong. Right now I have the Rule disabled and i walk by camera but get ‘0’ notifications when disabled. Maybe I have the Rule incorrectly configured. In the last 10 days I got NO history other than the Nightime 12AM to 6:30 AM rule settings. AS you can see the only rule I have is “turn on motion” at my time settings. Base Rule for each camera turn on or off at end of time rule (6:30am)
Rule Settings (Small)
Nov 3rd Rule (Small)

While you may have the rule disabled, the rule executed turned on your night time Motion Detection and then turned off the Motion Detection at 6am.

If you then disabled that rule between 6am and whenever it was to be turned back on… then the cams all have their Motion Detection still off.

Suspending a Rule does not alter the cam settings. It only keeps the Rule from doing so.

I would check each cam and see if the “Record Motion Events” setting is off.

I think I got it now…I didn’t realize that I needed to actually enable event recording regardless of the rule on each camera. So by doing so, I now get daytime events. I re-enable Night Motion rule and it appears that it actually turns off event recording on all cameras automatically during the daytime hours.

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What I did was I turned off the night time rule. When I looked at each camera, they all had event recording turned off. I turned all of them back on. I then enabled the night motion rule. I went back to each camera and now even recording was turned off on each camera. So I am a bit confused you say that with the rule disabled (my daytime test) that each camera should shoe event motion “off”? Didnt seem to be my situation?

Your rule is designed to only allow Motion Activated Event Recording at night. All Schedule Rules will execute the Action at the start time, in your case Turn On Motion Detection (aka Event Recording) at 12AM.

Then, at 6AM, because it is a schedule Rule with a designated end time, the Rule will automatically execute the opposite of your rule. In your case, Turn Off Motion Detection (aka Event Recording) at 6AM.

If you suspend that rule, it stops all future actions on the cams from that time forward. Therefore, whatever state the cams were in when the rule is suspended, the cams will remain in that state until you physically toggle them otherwise or you reinstate the rule and wait until the next Start of End action time.

If you suspend the rule between 6AM and 12AM, the cams, being last turned off by the Rule End at 6AM, will remain in that off state indefinitely. Suspending the rule does not turn them back on.

If you disable the rule between 12AM and 6AM, the cam, having most previously been turned on by the Rule Start, will remain on indefinitely. Suspending the rule does not turn them back off.

The only way the cams can have Record Motion Events toggled thru automation is if you have some other rule doing this without your knowledge. Check your Rules History to find actions on those cams that shouldn’t be there.

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So confusing…answer this then…lets say at 4pm outside of this scheduled rule, I see each camera in the rule has motion events NOT enabled. Which to me makes sense, NOW lets say at 4PM I want to leave for a few hours, so I “disable” the 12an-6am rule, then shouldnt all the cams automatically turn there even motion back on?
I guess I am still confused to exactly the state each cam is at during my off schedule (daytime). I thought I had it figured out because I turned back on the event motion at 4pm for all the cams. Then enabled the RULE back on, but then I started getting motion events at 4pm, even with the RULE enabled…so confused.
Flip side, I toggled off each cam, then turned OFF the Night Motion rule to “off” but that didn’t seem to bring back daytime motion.
I think I just do not understand exactly how this rule operates within the Wyze system. Does it toggle even motioning on and off for each cam? Or is it done from other internal software.

No. Schedule Rules only send an Action Command at the Start time and the End time (if set). Outside of those two exact moments when the server sends those Action Commands to the cam, the rules do nothing. Disabling the rule at any time simply suspends it from sending it’s next scheduled Action Command (Start or End). Disabling a Schedule Rule just stops the clock. It does not perform any Action Commands on the cam.

Your best option is to never disable the Schedule rule unless you will be gone for an extended period of time. If, during the day when the cams are usually off, you want to turn them on when you leave, your best option to do this is to create two Shortcut rules that allow you to manually click a button at the top of the home page that will turn all the cams on any time you press it. You will then crate a second Shortcut rule for the off command so that you also have a way to turn them off if you return before 12AM.

If you execute the Manual ON Shortcut Rule when you leave and then do not return by 12AM, and the Schedule Rule is still active, it will execute and try to turn them on at 12AM. But, since they are already on from your manual Shortcut Rule, no harm done. They stay on. But that Schedule Rule will End at 6AM and turn them off. So, only disable the Schedule Rule if you are leaving for an extended period of time and you want the cams on 24\7 until you return.

Schedule Rules only pull the trigger at two times, the Start and End (if set). If you manually adjust the cams yourself, the rule has no way to react. Schedule Rules do not monitor the cam status. They are fire and forget commands at Start and End (if set).

Yes. All rules are executed from the server. It sends the Action Commands to each individual Cam via the Internet.

When it sends the command to the cam to Turn OFF Motion Detection, it does this by toggling OFF the “Record Motion Events” toggle on the server for each cam within the rule individually.

When it sends the command to the cam to Turn ON Motion Detection, it does this by toggling ON the “Record Motion Events” toggle on the server for each cam within the rule individually.

These settings are all saved on the Server, not in your App. Your App is simply showing you an image of what the Server settings are currently set to and allowing you to manually change the settings on the server.

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Well…there you go…This explains it all to my full understanding. I have now set up 2 shortcuts on my homepage. If I do go on vacation now, or go away for a long period, I will tap shortcut #1 to turn on all cameras. Then disable the Night Time rule.
When I return I will tap shortcut #2 and turn them off and re-enable Night rule.
This is great info. Saves a bunch of time to go to each camera…Also I now understand how this all works via Wyze servers. Also makes me feel more secure about my home while away. I have 4 Outdoor cams via Cam Outdoor, which I keep on 24/7

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Hello…so far my night motion rule has worked well. So now we are gone for vacation. I disabled night motion rule and aslo hit shortcut to turn on all cams. But i am not getting any events because our cleaners have arrived to clean all inside our home. I see them on live view but im not getting the events. Like im not doing something correctly to trigger these events.? I dont want to delete the night motion rule entirely. Youd think just disabling would work.