Outdoor cam scheduled event recording not available

I have 4 indoor wyze cams and just got the outdoor cam. My 4 indoor cams are all scheduled to start motion detection from 11pm to 8am. Now that I have the outdoor cam I would like to add this camera to the same schedule, However I noticed event recording under the WCO does not include a schedule. I tried setting up an automation/rule but the WCO will not turn off motion detection after the end time has arrived. Considering Wyze has decided to care more for battery life than safety I still tried to use this device. if I can’t get this to work I’m officially out and getting the Blink outdoor cams.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I would also like to schedule event recording times. The location I want to have eyes over has enough regular traffic by day, but would have far less at night.

Sceduling a rule to turn off the outdoor camera is working for me in the latest beta app.

Thank you, I’ll try this and report back