Feature Request - schedule motion based event recording

First, I find using your forum very confusing, so if this is in the wrong spot forgive me.

Second, I’d like to request that motion based event recording can be scheduled - at least for outdoor cam to save on battery. I have a few cams that I only need motion-triggered events recorded during the night, and during the day they are being triggered all the time - so I basicallyhave to turn off motion detection every morning otherwise I end up with 200 events and a low battery.

Check out this thread, I think this may be what you are looking for. Wyze Outdoor Cam -- Schedule & Detect Motion BROKEN or DUMB?

I tried this last night. I created a rule on one of my outdoor cameras to turn on motion detection at 9:00 PM and turn it off at 6:30 AM. I then manually turned off motion detection. A little after 9:00, I checked and it looked like it was turned on, but I received no notifications last night nor were any events recorded. I know for certain there was movement around this camera tha should have triggered an event as well as notification. Furthermore, at 7:00 AM motion detection was still on and I all of a sudden started receiving notifications and events started recording. So my feature request is the same - or rather now my request is to please fix the existing feature so that it works.

For now I will just keep manually turning motion detection on and off every day unless you have any other suggestions on how to get this to work?


Gotcha, yea I only have 2 WCOs…, I stopped buying them and opted to run power where I wanted cameras vs. using the WCOs because their lack of features compared to the other Cams (primarily continuous recording).

I do know that they are working on a new rules engine that has the feature you are requesting. It’s being tested in beta now. I do not know when it will be released but keep our eyes open for the update.

I have my 4 WYZE Outdoor Cams on scheduled event recording. I currently have them set for 10 days, you can choose up to 30 days. I have them set for event only, HD recording, no cooldown and a Max video length of 2 minutes. You will need to put a good SD card in the cam like a good 32GB or 64GB formatted to FAT 32.

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