Wyze Outdoor Cam - Schedule

I cannot get the schedule to work with my Wyze Outdoor Cam. I only want motion to be on from 9PM-6AM… and off during the day.

I set it up both ways with the schedule: ON - 9PM-6AM and OFF: 6AM-9PM…
It does not work… I’m getting motion detection and recording all day long. I want to preserve my battery for the times when I want motion detection on, but it’s turning on when it’s suppose to be off!

Anybody experience the same issue?

Just delete the last Rule. It is redundant.

Nope, doesn’t work…

I just wanted to try if either rule will work so my last effort was adding both. :frowning:

Yes, I have the same issue. My 2 outdoor cams do not turn Motion Detection on/off on a schedule. I have to do it manually.

Same issue here also…