Creating A Schedule

I have used this example to set a schedule to automatically turn on/off motion detection on two of my cameras. I can’t get it to work. Is there something I am missing?

Tap Home
Tap the + plus sign on the top left
Tap Add Rule
Tap Schedule from the list
Tap the Wyze Cam you want to create a schedule for.
Tap Turn off motion detection
Tap Next
Tap the + plus sign next to create a name for the Schedule/Rule (optional)
Enter a name for the Schedule/Rule
For our example type “Turn off motion detection”
Tap SaveTap Start Time
Select 6:00 PM
Tap Save
Tap Add End Time
Select 6:00 AM
Tap Save
Select days rule is to be in effect
Tap Save

I just followed your steps and it seems right.
How are you sure it’s not working? Are you getting Event clips for the cameras?

Given your reply, I may have misunderstood what happened. I looked to see whether or not the status of the camera was on or off. Will check again and see if I get anyk event reported for the camera. Thanks.

Camera power on/off and motion detection on/off are two different settings.

Angus, I had just realized this. Now, I ask, what will happen to the camera if I select power off? Will the On/Off status displayed for the camera change to Off?

Yes it will.


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