WYZE Cam Outdoor - Schedules vs Triggers

Been having some difficulty trying to get my camera to record something when it’s supposed to detect motion. I have one camera right now. I named it “Front Porch”. All I want it do is detect motion between the hours of 10pm and 5am, and record the event. I created a schedule called “Turn on Porch Cam”. In the schedule rules, I selected the camera → Device Actions → Turn on motion detection. I enabled the rule and also set the scheduled timeframe and days of the week.

This should be all I need to do, correct? If so, it’s not doing it. Also, what does the camera do, before and after the schedule? Does the motion detection turn off? Does the camera turn off? I wasn’t sure, so I created a second schedule which would turn off motion detection during the specified days and timeframe.

Also, what would the differences be if I used a device trigger instead of a scheduled rule? Is the trigger option only used for when you have more than one camera? Can you use the trigger option with only one camera?

I reviewed the KB articles that pertain to schedules and triggers and they really don’t go into detail about when to use one over the other. Nor are they clear about how to get the camera to perform a simple task such as this.

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Go into the camera settings > event recordings. The schedule is there.

schedule should work. Here is a few things to break it down, since you seems to have issue with it not working -

  1. Without the schedule, is the camera detection motion ok ? if not, please refer to the pinned “event recording troubleshoot” thread.

  2. if (1) works, then enable your schedule. you can go to camera settings to verify that the schedule is set and run correctly. E.g. between 10pm and 5am, the camera setting should have “detect motion” enabled, and outside of the period, it should have it “disabled”.


@WyzeDongsheng, sorry but I don’t see a pinned thread on the subject you mentioned.

here you go