My new Wyze outdoor camera isn't providing motion event notifications

My two older camera’s work great and provide notifications of motion to my phone and smart watch. I installed a new outdoor camera today and it connected fine, but will not provide notifications of motion to my phone. I’ve checked if there is an event notification button in the AP, but appear to have it set up just like the old two. Can someone help?

Does the outdoor cam record events and not give notifications? The outdoor cam detection zone is only adjustable by moving the camera to adjust the zone. Make sure you have the detection zone set so people and other objects are crossing the zone at a slight angle and not straight at the camera.

Now the new camera only records event during the day, but stops at exactly 12AM and restarts at 7:00am. For the life of me, I can’t find where to turn off this scheduled down time. Help

Start here.

Is there a SD card in the base station? Do you see any clips in Events for this device?

Settings > Notifications > make sure toggle is On

back to Settings> Schedule and Automations. Is there something you see here?

Yes, now it records events, but not from midnight to 7am. i have not scheduled this down time and dont know why it won’t record events during that period.

I’m missing something. If the cam only records motion events how do you know exactly when it starts and stops. Are there any events to record between 12:00 AM and 7:00 AM ?, confused.

I use it as a critter cam to see the racoons and opossums in my back yard. It has almost continuous events of them eating the dog food I put out for them, but the last event is always 11:59am. Then again, the first event the next day is always 7:00-7:05am. This happens every day since I got it set up never an event from midnight to 7am.