Event recording outdoor cam

So I’m not sure if I’m missing something. I’ve seen mixed answers. Is the outdoor camera not capable of recording 12sec clips to the cloud when it detects motion? I see some say it does and others say it doesn’t. I’ve had mine up for a couple days now with no events triggered and no notifications either and yes notifications are turned on.

I’m just confused.

I just checked to be sure and I have 5 recorded clips from today from my outdoor cam in the cloud

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I have nothing from days of it being up.

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Are you looking in the Events tab of the app for them and if so do you have any filters activated that would keep them from being shown?

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No filters set. Outdoor is not making any notifications of any kind.

I am not sure what the issue would be, might be time to get support involved

Confused as well motion detection is on for three days and no notifications and no video

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My Outdoor cam is not saving 12 sec events to the cloud.
I have 6 other indoor cams that work great but the outdoor does not save events for me to see in the app.

I tried the SD card in the base, then Inside the outdoor cam, and still doesn’t work.
I tried notifications on and off.
Detection zone is set to where I walk, nothing.

It recorded two events one day during inside testing and hasn’t done so since.

The only time it records an event is when I set up a rule based on another cam seeing motion in the same area.

Even that rule does not always save events that are pretty far apart.

I’ve even reached out to tech support and have had no response in a week.

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You are not missing anything. Basically the damn things aren’t working as advertised. (Or at least as I expected them to. Sometimes I miss Wyze’s fine print)
My WOC is faithfully taking a jpg picture every time something wakes up the WOC PIR sensor.
I guess Wyze determines what is an event and what gets recorded. When my WOC occasionally gets Wyze to record to the cloud, I do get a 12 sec clip. that arrives many mins or hours later. There are too many different forum posts on this subject for there not to be a major problem with the WOC. Perhaps Wyze could educate us and tell us how they really work.

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After last update, about a week ago, my WOC no longer sends the 12 sec rec to the cloud. It just takes a picture. Can’t find tutorial to activate the original settings.

There are probably 20+ post about the same thing. You need to get cam plus or cam plus lite. Here is one long thread: