WOC detection Event not working

I have set up detection strength, distance and notifications.

It doesn’t recorded or alert an event. I have SD cards installed on base unit and WOC. What am I missing?


@mckiper Welcome to the Wyze community! This seems to be a widespread issue with the new outdoor cam. Notifications are extremely slow and events stored to the cloud are hit and miss. Reach out to Wyze Customer Support and start a support ticket so they can work on these issues.

Also submitting feedback through the app with the log file is a good idea as well.

Submit a Request

How to Send Log File


Thanks. I’ve noticed it works on all of the YouTube peoples account. :roll_eyes:

I hope they resolve this soon.

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WYZE !!! You guys are better than this. I know we bi@%h a lot, but most of them are valid gripes… The major one is “Lack of response”… Perhaps the time has come to re-priortize. I for one would much rather post many KUDOS for you guys rather than complaints.


I’m curious about this failure because what fixed the issue for me was closing the Wyze app and going to Android Settings >> Apps >> Notifications (where I found that due to earlier bugs I had disabled a couple system notifications that are not readily apparent to most users, or me until I fiddled with it for an hour).

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I’m finding it more miss than hit. I just worked on my motorcycle for an hour 20 ft from it and it only captured 1 event when I walked to within 5ft of it.

A car driving right in front of it 20-30ft… nothing.

I keep increasing the detection distance and image sensitivity but it doesn’t appear to have any effect.

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You know. I remember turning off notifications via Android a whole back. They kept sending me notification of products etc and I couldnt delete the notifications.

But that wouldn’t explain it not recording events. Right?

I JUST got done working on my boat and it never triggered an event. Camera is 6’ from boat.

correct that would have no impact on camera functioning

Ok. Android notification worked. What I found was that I was notified and it took me to a page in the app where other triggered recording were.

Still no “playbacks” showing up in the WCO viewer. I have an SD card. I thought the events would also record there?

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Just got outdoor cam bundle this week. Have had Pan Cam & V2’s. They are working fine. Setup OC indoors and motion records events with notifications. Notifications show time 7 hours off actual time but works. However mounted OC outdoors yesterday. No motion detection. With server issue yesterday brought it back indoors to re-sync. Once agin recorded motion indoors so put it back outdoors. No motion detection, recordings, or notifications. Have SD cards in both base & Cam. OC when outdoors shows live feed but no motion detection. What gives? Live in Phoenix so temp is 110 but unit is not in direct sun (under eve always in shade). Supposed to wrk up to 122 degrees!

Mobile Al close to 95 with heat index of 100+

The outdoor Cam is worthless unless they get this fixed. Won’t even trigger motion after dark when motion sensor light comes on. I don’t really need a camera outdoors that I have to continually monitor and doesn’t alert me if there is motion in the zone that it is supposed to cover. What does it take to get something fixed? I turned it in & got a support ticket assigned. I can’t believe they sell a product that doesn’t work as advertise! May need to start posting on social media! Don’t buy. Doesn’t work!!

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Yeah I’ve been playing with it all day/night. Someone could literally walk up in my carport and grab something and it would only catch their back if at all. I may have to return this. Very disappointed. I love their V2 cams.

I feel the same & might have to return mine also. Had great experience with V2’s so pre-ordered outdoor cam to support Wyze. But it is a slap in the supporters faces to put out a product that does not work as advertised plus free gift was a joke!