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Hi all,

Looking for some help. I have a Wyze cam v2 and am having problems getting it to consistently send me notifications. It will work and send me notifications (and record an event on their server) for a few hours then it will stop and maybe I will get one or 2 a day and then nothing. The camera is connected to the network and I can live stream the camera without issues. The notifications are set up property in the phones (both iOS and Android) as I get some notifications. It’s like the camera is not noticing that someone is walking by or that there is ANY movement at all. I have reinstalled the app in the phone, deleted the camera from the account and reinstalled it. I tried contacting customer support but keep getting a generic check your notification settings in your phone reply and please send us your app log…which I have done twice already. I hope the community here can help.



Hello @The_godfather36 Welcome to the community. If you can provide some basic information on how you are using the camera and its setup, this will help everyone to troubleshoot your problem.

Things like the following:

  1. Camera used outside/inside?
  2. Location and distance from router?
  3. Looking through a glass window?
  4. Camera Settings > Detection Settings > Detection Zone?
  5. Firmware version on camera & app version?

The camera is outside, in a housing and under a carport (I will try and attach a pic). It’s about 20 feet from the router (wifi signal strength 100% according to the app). No glass in front of it. There is a detection zone set up (so every car that drives by does not set off the camera…the notifications used to work :joy:) but it covers our entire driveway. The sensitivity is set to the default 49 now but I have had it set to 100 in an attempt to get it to work. I have tried to power cycle the camera and sometimes the notifications work again for an hour or two then stop again. I am sure it’s not the app because I have other cameras that the notifications work no problem. It’s not just a case of it not sending to my phone…there are not even any events registered on their server.

Hope this helps.

Great information and the pic is very helpful. Have you tried to trade out the camera with another one and see if you get same results in a different location? This would help narrow down if it is the camera or location.

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Thanks, I just flashed the firmware (probably would have been good to switch it out while it was down) but I will see if that works…it’s been going ok most of the afternoon. It’s usually overnight that it stopes working so we will see tonight. If it stops again tonight I will switch it out and see if that help.

Thanks again for the ideas…will let you know.



Well 36 hours in and still getting notifications. Seems like flashing the firmware may have solved it. Here’s hoping it stays working!