Not getting event notifications

I have a total of 7 cams, 2 pan came and 5 v2. One v2 is set up on my work network and the rest are on the 2 networks at home(extenders). im not getting event notifications from any of them. checked all of the settings in the app and my phone are all set. still nothing. uninstalled the app and reinstalled, still the same. please help.

Hi @Ken_S,
What kind of phone are you using? what os version is it on? what Wyze app version is running on the phone? What software version are the cams running? Have the event notifications ever worked?

These details will hopefully help the community come up with some good troubleshooting ideas :slightly_smiling_face:

Samsung galaxy 9s, REVI.1, wyze is updated, yes it worked when I only had 3 v2s

“All cameras” sounds like something global, like a slash thru the bell icon on the app home screen, the switch in Account > Notifications, or the phone’s OS, where you can have anything from a “Do not disturb” to having all notifications from a given app turned off.

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All the notifications are on, the bell has no slash through it. the phone is set up too to receive notifications and the do not disturb is off. I’ve rebooted the cams, modem, and my phone. deleted the 2 people I’m sharing with and uninstalled/reinstalled the app. I don’t know what else to do, this is starting to drive me mad!! I’m about ready to send them all back!!!

I don’t know if this matters, 2 of the V2s don’t have memory cards

You should still get notifications without the memory cards

If you did the 4 items in my post #4, then it may be time to bring support into this:

At 6:00 AM today 09/22 I powered only one of my V2 cameras ON. By now ( 12:55) I should have several Events recorded as I walked past the camera numerous times. But, there are no events recorded at all. Is there a server problem?

Server forever stuck on 5-minute cooldown? :smile:

If the server(s) are stuck in cool down mode, they must be as cold as ice by now. BTW, this same problem occurred earlier this year.

Seriously though, I’m still getting event notifications