2 cameras will not send event notifications

HI, We have four cameras. First two set up work and send us notifications. Set up the next two yesterday and even though everything is turned on correctly, they will not send us any notifications. I asked for technical assistance and all they did was have me check settings which are all correct. I even tried setting back to factory settings and still no notifications. HELP!


Welcome to the Wyze Forum! Sorry you are having problems.
I would suggest swapping one that does for one that doesn’t as a start. That way if it suddenly doesn’t work you know you probably have location/wifi issues as opposed to hardware issues. If it does there is something in the cam or it’s app settings causing the problem.
To repeat what tech support said, check the working vs non working cam settings to be sure they are the same.
-Also try deleting and re installing the reticent cams.
-Then you can start the fun process of (document what you have done in case you wind up at the last suggestion):
Power Cycling
Factory Reseting
Failing all that fun I would then Open a Support Ticket and see if they will replace them under warranty. Keep us posted.


I did what you suggested and the working ones work and the new ones nope. One will give me one event but will not allow me to view it. Says download failed. They other one will not give events at all. Both will do live stream but will not send notifications. I had already done the power cycling and factory resetting without any luck.


I’m having the same problem. Just set up a new camera today and it prompted me to update firmware. It is now on In the live view I can see the green box when I walk in front of it but it never triggers an alert or recording. I also had an SD card inside set to continuous record but it didn’t record a thing.
Coincidentally the other wyze cam v2 ( on that I have also stopped sending notifications and recording to the cloud this afternoon but it is still recording to the SD card. Quite frustrating.


That makes me suspicious of a hardware problem. I’m making the assumption that you were prompted to upgrade firmware upon install and are current - version You can check by going to the Account Tab in the app, select Firmware Upgrade. If any cams show as not on this current version you can upgrade them there.
I’m going to tag in the other forum @Mavens to see if anyone else has suggestions. If not I would say try for a replacement. They are good about it if there really is a problem.

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I had tried factory resets and taking the memory card out, none of those worked for me.
I finally decided to manually downgrade the firmware of the new camera to The camera is functioning properly now - able to send notifications and record to the cloud/SD card.

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Oh yes I did the firmware immediately. And yes it is installed. I am getting replacements for both immediately. Should arrive Monday.

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How did ya downgrade it? Might be a stupid question. Umm makes me think the new firmware is the problem.

Information on flashing firmware and older firmware files can be found Here .
You can easily revert to an earlier version. Just be aware that you also get back whatever bugs that version has!
Catch 22-until they release the perfect version.


Same problem. My one camera on won’t send motion events in night mode. But it does send motion events during the day. My other two cameras are on and events are working as normal.

Sounds like the new firmware has bugs…hopefully when my new ones arrive tomorrow, they don’t do the same frustrating thing.

All four of mine either don’t send or filter in 2 - 16 hours later. Even if I manually go in and delete the events they will still come in hours later (when they do come in) . I was told after numerous emails to flash the firmware. Haven’t tried it yet… All of them worked seamlessly before November last year

Same here. No notifications. I am really disappointed and replacement isn’t delivered to my country.

Sept. 8. Just installed a new wyze cam v2 and did the requested upgrade to Camera is working fine (live stream) but no alerts (events) to my phone. I checked that notifications are enabled. Note that I have a working v1 at another location and whatever I do I don’t want to risk messing up that one.

Update: I tried to increase sensitivity from default (middle) to high and the app said it failed. It then spent a minute reconnecting and the app now says the sensitivity is high, but still no events.

@njAndy Welcome!

Let’s double check your settings? :man_shrugging:t2:

Camera Live Stream > Gear Icon (top right) Device Settings

Event recording > Detects Motion?

Notifications > Person? And All Other Motion?

Lastly the bell icon should not be showing z z z (Top Right Home Page)

Another Thing
If you have Cam Plus actived on this new cam go to Account > Services and try to disable (uncheck). This has been an issue with the cloud events.

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Aha! event recording was off (by default?)
Thank you so much.

too bad it wasn’t in their troubleshooting guide or FAQ!

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: