Lost notifications for ALL my cameras!

Suddenly lost notifications for ALL my cameras on 1/14/2023. Up till that point all my cams were working fine for two plus years. After making more than six phone calls to Wyze support and talking to everyone except the president of the Philippines, I still have no resolution to my problem.

Any thoughts from the Wyze veterans here?

Thanks, Mike

  • Which Camera models are you talking about?
  • Do you have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite?

I would go to one camera, turn off all notification toggles, even the parent toggle, then turn off all Event Recording toggles including the primary toggle. Then if you have Cam Plus, remove the camera from that.

Finally go to Account / App Settings and clear your cache there. Note, your Device Thumbnails for cameras will disappear. but they will come back when you stream again.

Log out of the app (make sure you know your password and 2FA) and restart your device.

Log back in, then add the camera back to cam plus.

Go back and Live Stream the Camera and go to settings

Turn off all Event Recording toggles including the primary toggle and back out to the live stream.

Now - go back to settings, turn on Event Recording and all AI toggles you would like on.

Go to Notifications and turn on the Notifications and what you want to be notified of.

Then test again.

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I am using CamPlus Lite.

Ok, then follow all ofthe steps except the removal of the Cam Plus.

Also, Can you post a screen shot of your Event Recording Setup Menu and Notification Menu Setup options as well

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Thanks for the suggestions in your first post. Unfortunately I tried that sequence when I was on the phone with tech support earlier today and they did not work, still NO notifications for any events for any cameras. However event recording is working just fine.

Any thoughts?

Just solved the notification problem by deleting the Wyze app from my iphone and then reinstalling it. Notifications are now working again and back to normal.

Thanks to all, Mehoman


Same problem here with android. Tried everything and still no notifications! Hopefully I hear back from support before I go away on vacation this week!

Best to move any further discussion to this more current thread. There is an ongoing problem with a few Cam Plus & Lite users ATM:

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Thanks, but no one is looking for replies here. The log number needs to be posted in the other thread. Just click on the link I provided. :slight_smile:

Good luck on hearing back from support; I never did even after more than six phone calls to “Tech Support?”

Done :+1:

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