Notification Greyed Out

All my cameras, app, and firmware is up-to-date. Nothing changed on my end. I am not receiving notifications again for Cam Plus. My camera on Cam Plus Light works perfectly. This is beyond frustrating and not the first or second time this has happened exactly like this.

I noticed I cannot turn on notifications for Wyze AI Events nor Detects Any Other Motion. It is greyed out. Says “You will not receive these notifications until you enable Event Recording”, but everything is turned on under Event Recording. So over this.

EDIT: Turning everything off everything in the Notifications and Event Recording. Exit and restart app and then turning everything on again worked.

I have noticed that when I update my app, an disturbing number of settings get reset to defaults. Did you update recently?

I updated my phone about a month ago. The issue is this only affects cameras that are on Cam Plus. This has happened multiple times before where only the Cam Plus cameras don’t work. My notifications for Cam Plus Lite are fine. Another issue besides Notifications is Detection Zone. It just spins and spins. Since Detection Zone has never worked correctly (shows events that are in the block area) I don’t even use it anymore. At this point the camera is a pet monitor.