V3 with cam +no longer getting notifications

All of my V2’s are operating properly and all firmware and apps are up to date. My most critical camera is a V3 with cam + and it is not sending notification. It is recording them but not notifying me. I have restarted camera and all is up to date. I am really loosing confidence in the product and system support

Update when I turn off cam + notifications work, something is corrupt on cam+ on wyze

All V2’s and my other v3 without cam plus are sending notifications

This seems related to something I have been trying to figure out with one of my V3’s recently. Can you answer for me:

  • Are you using a detection zone on the V3?
  • Are your recorded videos/events tagging the AI detections correctly (Person detection, etc) when you have cam plus on? (Will you check that it still tags a person, not just “Motion”, but it just not notifying you)
  • If you leave cam plus on, but turn off the detection zone, will you get notifications then?

The above answers could be helpful in my attempts to try to figure out a bug I’m working on being able to describe to Wyze.

@mikelapointe - For V3 with Cam Plus, could you try troubleshooting your Notifications issue using Smart Support Tool under Account/Wyze Support?

Let me know if that helps with diagnosis.

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I have no idea how to perform this please advise

See below

@mikelapointe follow the following steps:

  1. Ensure you are on Wyze App v2.31
  2. Go under Account/Wyze Support
  3. Click Smart Support
  4. Click Notifications
  5. Click “I am not getting camera notifications”
  6. Select the V3 with Cam Plus license that is giving you problem
  7. The tool will troubleshoot and let you know if there are any configuration issues.

Give this a try… Let me know if this helps with the issue resolution for Notifications

I also would like to move my camera temporarily from cam+ to my cam lite group but it will not allow me to do so without resubscribing. I need to be able to do this now so I can temporarily capture recordings until the cam+ on my V3 is corrected

If you are subscribed to CPL already, you should be able to see that cam in the Account>Services area under CamPlus. Click it and move that cam to Unassigned. Then go to CPL and assign that cam there. When you are ready to move it back, you should be able to do it in reverse order so long as there are open and available licenses to move the cam to.

Thank you that temporarily solves my issue hopefully the cam+ issue can be resolved

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