Wyze Cam V3 detecting and recording motion, not sending notifications,

I’ve had Wyze Cam V3 for 3+ years now and been using Cam Plus Lite for over a year and never had any issues with recording, detection or notifications. I used detection zones and everything worked and I got the notifications as they were recorded. I also use SD cards for continuous recording. After moving a month ago, I reset my cameras for a fresh setup at the new place and since then have had this issue. I am a Cam Plus Lite subscriber and all 3 cameras are assigned accordingly in my profile. I setup the necessary detection zones and the cameras are detecting motion and recording events. The issues are:

  1. For the subscription I have, the cameras are recording events too close together and for too long. They should record only after a 5 minute cooldown and for 12s, I have multiple events being recorded within a 2 minute window and plenty longer than 12s.
  2. I stopped receiving notifications for when motion is detected. I have them turned on, for the necessary cameras and events and my phone allows them for the app. The only notifications I receive are for “Complete Motion” and I only get that notification when I initially setup the camera and then never again after.

All my camera firmware is up to date,
My app version is up to date, 2.45.1(1)
I have deleted and reinstalled the app
Turned my phone on and off (iPhone 13)
Reset all 3 cameras
Turned detection zones off to see if it changes anything, nothing.

Curious if anyone else out there has had similar issues.

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I have read of others having similar issues, but it was a very long time ago and dealt with an older firmware version that was buggy.

In a Cam Plus situation, I would suggest unassigning the cam from the subscription and going thru a cache clear app reset. But, one of the issues that prevents that, as I recall, is that it is next to impossible to unassign a Cam from Cam Plus Lite unless you have a Cam Plus subscription to use to move the cam over temporarily. The alternative is drastic and not preferred.

Have you contacted Customer Support to see if they can help?

I did the unassigned and reassign and it didn’t fix the issue. I just cleared my cache and will see if it does anything.

Contacted customer support, opened a log, haven’t heard anything else of it.

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