Wyze notification issues SOLVED!

For everyone who has been having issues with the app no longer giving notifications, I figured out how to resolve it. Go to your account and click on your subscription at the top. Click on each assigned camera to that subscription and then un assign each camera. Close out the app, and then re open. Go back to the subscription page and re assign each camera to your cam plus, cam plus pro, etc subscription. Your notifications should start working again immediately. I did this last night and it solved all the issues I was having. Both of my cameras are now sending me notifications whenever motion is sensed or recorded.


This did the trick! Geez louize!!! They really screw things up with the updates.


Just an update, I found this now has changed, at least for me. In my Account on the App, I need to hit SERVICES and then scroll the top part over to see Cam Plus Lite and that’s where I have to add each camera…

So am I to understand, if you want in app (on phone ) notifications from a V3 Cam I need to subscribe to a Cam Plus service and pay way too much money just for my phone to say the camera saw something?

If this is the case I am done with this company

Then signup for CamPlus Lite at $0 per month. Not the same as CamPlus (12 second clips, 5 minute cool down) but you get notifications for detection of people without any cost.

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I will give that a shot. Thank you

Im having the same issues and i did what you said but still didn’t fix it.

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What did you do? I think there were several suggestions.

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I went to subscription unassigned my cam, cleared the app went bk in and reassigned it .

Tried it. No go. All firmware up to date, have removed cameras and we added, uninstalled reinstalled. Google and Alexa integrations are still broken. Been fighting battles with this product all year. Kasa Tp link cams suck too. Looks like Blink and Ring are the only reliable ones

[Mod Edit] wyze. You got too big and broke to much stuff. Your customer service is a joke, I’ve been doing it for 25 years and have never seen such incompetent people.

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Same issue. I tried all the suggestions and calling and texting Wyze Support. Everyone you speak or chat with has a different story and none can answer even basic questions. It is embaressing.

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