WyzeCam3 No Longer Showing Notifications

After my CamPlus trial subscription expired both my new Wyze Cam 3 camera’s stopped showing any and all motion notifications even tho there are still enabled. It seems like I’m being forced to subscribe if I want to use these camera’s. The only thing they’re good for currently is seeing live feed.

Welcome to the forums! have you restarted the camera since the trial ended? Have you verified the settings, what are your event recording/notification settings for these cameras? Are you getting any events in the event tab from these cameras (remove all display filters for troubleshooting)?

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I haven’t tried restarting the cameras yet but all the notification settings are the same as they’ve always been and no I am not getting anything in the events log. I will restart the camera’s when I get home.

You can do a soft reset of the cameras via the app. What are your “event recording” settings for the camera? Id say your not getting notifications because the camera isnt saving clips to the cloud.

Ok I restarted the camera\s from the app and when I checked the event notification settings on both the Motion option was off. I re-enabled Motion on both and now we wait and see.

Just confirming you enabled “detect motion” in the “Event Recording” menu, or you enabled “Motion Events” under the “Notifications” menu? Two separate functions. Either way, BOTH need to be enabled to get notifications in the app.

Yes to both

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I just got a notification ping on my one camera, so hopefully it’s fixed.